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Декабрь 2011
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Goodbye Kitty – Cat Box Carnage


Check out all new Goodbye Kitty merchandise! – www.goodbyekittyshop.com Goodbye Kitty has deposited a large, steamy episode into the YouTube litter box, and it’s all for you! This new series was created by Todd Goldman.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Cats 01 Overture.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “Goodbye Kitty – Cat Box Carnage”

  1. rocknation77:

    @TessMafia Just saying it seems racist

  2. mrsjrhoades:

    white kittys litter box is stupid

  3. TessMafia:

    @rocknation77 Their cats. calm your balls

  4. Rae1798:

    the saddest part was when kitty got poked in the knee D;

  5. TheRammsteinAus:

    hello kitty! oops… goodbye kitty

  6. TheRammsteinAus:

    hellow kitty

  7. Boysvsminecraft:

    I think it’s not the cat it’s the girl how is fucked up

  8. TheJulio4321:

    why does he have to say good bye kitty he cant just kill him

  9. Tom370xD:

    if so, why has my comment 43 likes?

  10. rocknation77:

    This is so racist to black people

  11. nado1908:

    @Tom370xD I think you should learn basic English before you go on the internet

  12. TheRhymeBoy:

    @RandomVideos1425 No evidence!

  13. TheIDK300:

    God I hate that girl…

  14. RandomVideos1425:

    Why don’t he just kill the kitty directly?

  15. NightfallLily:

    Results may vary with the use of heroin apparently.

  16. MyConartist:

    The theme should have a full version

  17. TheMysticCore:

    I thought he killed that dog. What gives?

  18. FunnyVideoMaker01:

    He’s a black cat, so shouldn’t the white kitty get the bad luck?

  19. Tom370xD:


    If it is able to play guitar, why shouldn’t it be able to pull the trigger??

  20. lukaslikesvideogames:

    if that girl were my daughter i would smack her

  21. CodedKira:

    @Tom370xD Because cartoons like this need a plot device, and a stupid villain.

  22. JohnnyMarsBar:

    @Tom370xD you…you just dont get it scot

  23. l0lRocket:

    @Tom370xD Cause the episode would be too short…

  24. MaggoLive:

    Never give up!

  25. tinakhalid:

    LoL! He’s so cute!! and a very lucky kitty!! ahaha..

  26. mansonsacrifice:

    This overture is awesomeness! love it!


    Cats is my favorite Musical! I love it!

  28. CPizasome:

    i am still in school and i have to do Jellicle cats :P i think thats how its spelled… but i am gonna be dressed as a cat…

  29. Imhotlikeapepper:

    Gives me chills!! Love this.

  30. mnhnt2:

    @ LemonadeIcedTea01 yh the eyes are pics of two people in cats costumes dancing good eye.

  31. pixargod:


    They also need to do a revival of Starlight Express.

  32. ValtronW:

    There is nothing more thrilling than sitting in the theater just as the lights dim and hearing those notes.

    Ugh. I love it.

  33. mikewill9511:

    I would call this… symphonic rock. LOVE IT! I LOVEEEEEE CATS!!!!

  34. popcornandcake:

    @LemonadeIcedTea01 Indeed they are.

  35. SuperRalph102:

    Cats Is The Best Musical Ever, I saw the musical in The Musical Theatre its really awesome !

  36. Vetgirl8295:

    Wanted to see CATS since I first saw the commercial for it on my Barney movie when I was, oh, less that five, maybe? Now, over ten years later, the dream was finally realized. I was already a fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber (Phantom of the Opera ♥) and CATS just made me love his work even more. The wait was worth it!

  37. LemonadeIcedTea01:

    Are the pupils in the eyes supposed to look like people dancing?

  38. JurassicJasonL4D:

    so great intro

  39. Peacemaker33331:

    i was little went i fist saw it- it wasnt long before i feel in love with it as a kid i still love it and im a teenager now xD

  40. hardcharging:

    Thumbs up if you want to see CATS come back to Broadway!

  41. Musicpanda3:

    @O8oBubbleso8O Nope! It was actually for a high school. It went really great.

  42. O8oBubbleso8O:

    @Musicpanda3 the one in garland? :D

  43. TheJourneyfreak:


  44. Musicpanda3:

    Love this musical, first one I’ve been in (I play keyboard). First performance is tonight….. So excited

  45. Soepsas:

    @asimmervideo Look on the internet, I have find A site that sale the dvd en Cd from cats :D

  46. WLibysno:

    i love the overture and entr’acte and finale of any musical. you hear lots of themes of the musical and it’s just the orchestra playing. i’ve been in pits and they’re my favorite songs to play.

  47. Soepsas:

    I got the DVD and I love him!

  48. asimmervideo:

    where can you buy the dvd?

  49. crazy01girl:

    @Sinistra76 I always love the overtures. they set you in the mood and is the only time the orchestra has some attention. I’ve participated in the pit and on stage :)

  50. jacobbrent796:

    HAHA how can someone not like the OVERTURE HAHA that just cracks me up !!