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Декабрь 2011
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Cat Goes Inside a Pottery


Dave is a 3.5 year old maine coon and likes to get a massage. But he’ll tell you in no uncertain terms when he doesnt like what you are doing.

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27 комм. на “Cat Goes Inside a Pottery”

  1. DelpyPicchi:


  2. SuperTAKAMITU:


  3. uminomieruie1:


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  5. nimo5:


  6. mostpiousheathen:

    *Snifffff* «Honey, pass me the cat’s ass, wouldja?..Mmm, ahhh…» The sprawled-out cat reminded me of Winnie-the-Pooh, that tubby bitch <3. We juss wub sweet widdoo Woogums! My orange tabby, Battle Cat has a particular shovel that she likes to sleep in, as well as an old cast-iron skillet out in the herb garden. Inscrutable animals, those cats are.

  7. Spo3d:

    Lol. Funny cat.

  8. amazingdany:

    What a massive cat.

    My Siamese is half his size at only 10 pounds!

  9. frodobaggins115:

    he’s like, «DON’T MESS WIF MA PAWS!» *nom nom, bite, bunnykick*

  10. xKaylaInWonderlandx:

    OMG! Dave is one gorgeous cat! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one this color. I can»t wait till I get my first Maine Coon!

  11. Thesqueakyhips:

    So beautiful! Never seen a Maine that colour before, just gorgeous!! My Maine Boo bites too when he’s had enough brushing, stroking etc. But also sometimes does very sweet gentle biting which seems to be nice thing. Maines are the most loving, big, and beautiful!!! Love this vid, thanks!

  12. kushykushyft:

    Not trying to criticize the music choice, but the first time I watched this I had it on «mute», and watching soundless was sooo soothing. He is a beautiful cat. Glad to see someone else’s biting the way mine does.

  13. Eternal42o:

    lol cats love that

  14. afroschlan:

    This, amongst other aspects, is why cats are on the top of the food-chain. You are really good at massaging your cat, does it effect the cat in greater mobility or reflexes?

  15. joshOVPton:

    maine coons are one of the most soft breeds of cat and so playful mine is a 29lbs male and huge but is never aggressive :)

  16. russythejack:

    cats dont have arms btw plexuss

    it’s called a leg/paw

  17. acehimself:

    wow they are so big and furry, a cat like this must shed insanely come summer time!

  18. troublesomethings:

    he’s gorgeous. my maine coon would never let us do anything like that, he’s not a cuddly cat.

  19. ShabobaX:

    I love how he just dangles there. Such a big fella too!

  20. minorot:

    These two are definitely bonded.

  21. quackimaduck000:

    KITTY attack!

  22. drjaymahdi1:

    That’s a beautiful maine coon!

    PS. what’s the music in the background? It’s very catchy

  23. txstoryteller:

    I’m sorry you got bit (guess you found his tickie-spot! LOL), but this is absolutely one of the cutest videos I’ve ever seen! FIVE stars for Dave; he’s a cutie!

  24. thatvg:

    Aha! thanks! I just sent you email. As I said, I now live with a Maine coon (6 yo female, from a rescue center. She LOVES having her tummy rubbed. One of the few positive points in the online description, and I discounted this, bec. I have NEVER had a cat, M or F who liked having their tummy rubbed. But, she does.

    And, oh yeah the «sometimes he likes it and sometimes not» yeah, well, what can I say? «Tootsie» sometimes likes having her paws massaged, and sometimes not!

  25. plexuss:

    the first thing i did was rub his arm. sometimes he likes that and sometimes not. the second time he bit me i rubbed his tummy. he hates that. but i thought i could get away with it. dave doesnt generally bite but i kind of forced this massage on him – he wasnt totally in the mood. when he’s in the mood he never bites me.

  26. thatvg:

    Dave! I love Dave! What exactly did you do that he didn’t like? Somehow from the vids of Dave before, he didn’t seem like the biting type! Great video!

  27. syd1:

    oh, you made Dave angry