Harry Chapin — Cat’s in the Cradle


This song needs no description.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Harry Chapin — Cat’s in the Cradle”

  1. Joshmofoz:

    Love this song… I have the feeling I’ll play the shit out of it when my dad passes… Happens that my name is Josh and my dad worked a lot but was still always like my best friend 🙂

  2. TheHaLoJeDi:

    This song is good on two levels…
    1. It reminds me to never take things for granted and to love the people who brought me into this world.
    2. It also reminds me just how deep a character Thane was in ME2.

  3. LILE1534:

    stay strong man.. stay strong.. idk if your a boy or girl,but just stay strong. its okay to cry. just dont do anything wreckless,dont let your fathers death be in vain. im sure your father taught you a lot of things,and youll be able to pass on what you learned from him to your kids and there kids.. stay strong and represent what your father made/raised with pride… but remmber its okay to cry. @70541nightslashes

  4. 70541nightslashes:

    My father just passed away december 1st. I heard this on tv just a moment ago and had to listen.. I cant stop crying.

  5. lordrevan57:

    How does he do this song without crying? It’s so amazingly beautiful.

  6. troll95ful:

    I am only 22, but I do like this song. This song really reminds me of me and my dad…

  7. TheTriclydesdal:

    I will remember all the emotions I got from this song the first time I heard it. It was amazing, I was about 10 and my music teacher sang it for us. My relationship with my Dad was well then, but for some reason this song got to me. Now, he is just like that Dad.

  8. wilbsable:

    most all his songs are

  9. 1stoutof5:

    @villan210 im 17 and it gets to me man my entire morning was horrible cuz of it so dont just say grown men

  10. BilalHabibTV:

    my teacher used to sing this to us when i was 8. i just found it yesterday. and started crying for the first time in a long time. lol i felt like a wuss. but whatever

  11. villan210:

    Song hits a grown man hard, if you dont feel this your not human

  12. GaryGEB:

    This song makes me cry everytime. I love you, dad.

  13. FinCroweman:

    just after reading how this man died while listening to the end of the song, never felt so annoyed and saddened like this in a long time, don’t know how i’m only finding out what happened to this genius now. it’s sad. always the good die young..

  14. Whackmypack:

    Can’t ever end that song without crying =

  15. TheSomeone154:

    Im trying to listen to good music and I see a rihana add and the moment is ruined. God i hate trash like that.

  16. bederoso:

    Fucking song makes me remember of onions all the time

  17. TheMKPatrol:

    103 people are deaf

  18. Annilinix3:

    one of the saddest songs i know. When i first listened to it it reminded me about how I wanted to be like my dad when i was a child, but by growing older I didn’t like his way of living anymore and we became very different. But the I still have the memories of the time when i really admired him.

  19. officerirwin:

    I need to call my dad…

  20. mafiahacker007:

    @JimmyB7678 It’s up to 103 dislikes, I thinkt they’re reproducing. Perhaps we should post a youtube video about safe sex?
    This song is a timeless and absolute masterpiece. My only problem with it is that Harry Chapin died way too young, and never got to write songs that may have been better yet then this one.
    You are missed, Mr. Chapin

  21. 2580passcode:

    who ever likes this thinks the people who dis liket this video are retarted

  22. S61S:

    This song in italian is defined a «CAPOLAVORO»

  23. loolalaalo:

    240p we meet again

  24. loolalaalo:

    @pauljcjr I believe that most of the people that dislike this song dislike the video more than the song

  25. JamieBowe2:

    This song is so sad, yet meaningful.

    It shows how life is too short