TheSacconeJolys — Talking Cats and Swimming Dogs — Day 13


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25 комментариев на “TheSacconeJolys — Talking Cats and Swimming Dogs — Day 13”

  1. makeupforever431:

    do you guys live by yourselves or with annas family..kinda confused

  2. makeupforever431:

    @Naeere12345 shut up dont watch then

  3. TheLeilisa:

    Does swimming regularly make you grow taller?

  4. doreal:

    @TheRocknRollZebra Who wants to be?

  5. TheRocknRollZebra:

    ull never be charles and ally.. and marley!!

  6. robynbyn:

    7:54 anna looks so cute! and young! so funny…

  7. Naeere12345:

    wats the point of makin a blog if ur jst goin ta talk shit and act silly jst cause u tink ur funny?????????????

  8. TheNails3:

    hahaha fonejacker!

  9. tattka:

    yeah jonathan anna is beautiful:) and you;re really funny.

  10. shakebeforeuse00:

    Are you a partner now? When did that happen? x

  11. ssshlow:

    aww i love how you meet other dogs, and you say to their owners how old etc, its so friendly 😀

  12. ehagendijk:

    Haha I think you are so cute together! You make me laugh!

  13. niktan302:

    Your wife to be is absoulutly stunnning!!!

  14. dalabear:

    i love bacon full stop!

  15. heidiheidi0:

    Erika looks so much like Anna that sometimes I think it’s her!

  16. FrostedBlonde27:

    you’re really funny and cute! and yes, Anna is beautiful!

  17. tammimarie:

    I just read a book haha, more like played video games.
    Americans love thin crispy bacon please! That bacon looks like the kind my Scottish husband likes, blah/ick!

  18. tammimarie:

    @Shankinator1 it looked like a flying bug, like a mosquito. 🙂

  19. natashaluvsyou:

    anna’s gorgeous :)!
    your such a sweet couple ♥ x

  20. preservid:

    We call those bugs, «the motherload» (our nickname)..I think they eat Mosquitoes.. But they are huge and scary!

  21. Lodol1:

    haha..the last one was funny…reminded me of my b/f.

  22. holaola21:

    you guys are so cute together ♥

  23. 52lovelight:

    Love the beautiful town of York and your mom’s house, ALBI and all the pups. I also loved the colors at your mother’s home — the pretty outdoor cushions, colorful pillows…I like CRISPY bacon..thin, crispy bacon..don’t give me any wobbly, thick bacon. ICK LOL Anna, your top, dress and shoes are so cute!!

  24. Cupcake1384:

    She’s beautiful 🙂
    She’s lucky..but so are you.
    You’re such a sweet couple.

  25. iPaoProductions:

    you guys should strap the camera onto Albi!
    That would be sooooo cool! (: