Episode the Firste


The faithful return to the Southeastern Delaware Renaissance Faire; King Gary lectures Mistress Nora on authenticity; the shirefolk get a bad sign.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 комментариев на “Episode the Firste”

  1. signofeth:

    TRF starts in October!! WOO!!!!

  2. DavidLittlefield:

    Just found this TV show and I’m loving it! Can’t wait to catch up on the rest of the season.

  3. Qermaq:

    3:55-4:10 is a reference to something — what? Can’t place it.

  4. Alnakar:

    Every time I watch these I wish I were there.

  5. catman1560:

    The King needs a new crown ,this one is missing some jewels !!!!

  6. ReverendProfessor:

    I worked at a Renaissance Faire for 7 seasons. These people know… They. Know.

  7. Patriotgamez:

    funny stuff. keep it up!

  8. RexBenincasa:

    This is great! I’m looking forward to more. Well done, All.

  9. Tallboy7Vids:

    Big ups for the single cutaway acoustic.

  10. alix777:

    This is the best…can’t wait to see the entire series! You really need to send this as a video comment to everyone that posted trailers for «All’s Faire in Love»!

    -Angry Bob

  11. freunleven:

    «Poison Elves.» Heh & huzzah!!!


    «Works on elves yeah!»


  13. wtsproductions:

    Love this!!!!! Cant wait for more!

  14. zacfos:


  15. shadowfax5555: