Head Up Cats 2


The cats is so exciting for everday when they hear the voice of upstair grandy prepare their food for them, you can see all the cats head is look up & ready for meal. Grandy is got the heart of mercy, she never miss up any day for cats food. Bless her. ^_^
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Does YOUR cat act suspiciously when Valentine’s Day comes around?
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35 комментариев на “Head Up Cats 2”

  1. MyLuckyCars:

    Thankyou, Ms Mary
    My Dear Far Friends,
    GoOoOoOoD Night….^_^

  2. iamshebear777:

    Your very welcome

  3. MyLuckyCars:

    Ms Mary, Thankyou.
    It is heart warming for me.
    Thanks again, GoOod Night.

  4. MyLuckyCars:

    You’re Welcom, Ms sandrateager , happy dream. ^_^

  5. iamshebear777:


    Do not worry about your English, You do well and your writing is awesome!
    Just the mere fact that your speak to languages is great, I can only speak English so ya see!

    Great video and great work

  6. sandrateager:

    @MyLuckyCars THANKYOU for that my dearest friend!!! =)

  7. MyLuckyCars:

    Thankyou, Ms Mary, I make the movie is not for me only, I make it for you, for all the kind friends like you. Everytime I told to my self, if my video can make people feel happy as you do, I feel happy too. Our world need more happy & wonderful feeling, if I can do something for it, I will try, even my english & skill is bad for it, but I try. LIfe is learning everyday for everyone, learning Never Stop, This is our life duty, all we need to do is go for it. Good afternoo. (here is raining now)

  8. MyLuckyCars:

    Thanks ^_^ Ms sandrateager ^_^, Thankyou.
    Believe me, Ms You also had a Heart of GOLD,
    becuase all your YouTube friends knew it, Me too. ^_^

  9. iamshebear777:

    SInging cat teams, how fun is that>
    great captions….I am in awe with all the vases, I want some, LOL
    And now they love your mom as well as you!

  10. sandrateager:

    Kitties definitely know who loves them!!
    So sweet how they wait for grandma to feed them!!!
    Grandma has a heart of gold!!! ♥
    Excellent video—very enjoyable!! =)

  11. bgpcdoctor:

    If only Stephen King had dated as Richard Bachman, then we’d have seen more good stuff like this.

  12. akmb1987:

    @rickydonato you’re just mean xD

  13. akmb1987:

    @wd40isgreat but your dog would kill my kitten! :<

  14. rickydonato:

    @akmb1987 I probably shouldn’t like your comment but I do

  15. porolita22:

    This is so funny! 🙂 I love my cats.

  16. wd40isgreat:

    @akmb1987 Well if you date me, I love cats. Who cares if I’m allergic and would die 35 years prematurly. I want a nice warm family with dog a cat….. *Stray male human seeks home*.

  17. meowzamew:

    I’m an unapologetic cat-spinster & I love this! So clever & funny.

  18. crushedbeyonddust:

    that is the most beautiful cat i have ever seen

  19. CunnilingusGiver:

    There’s always the Ultimate Jessica Rabbit Waver.

  20. Giean360:

    that cat is a big cock block

  21. germansuse:

    Lol, got this one of the results while I was searching for «Single White Female» XD

  22. flyerdoc:

    @misstinsel68 yes.. one time in 1 million ? guess what happends if you have no food at home.. ?

  23. saphyn:

    this is why I only have dogs!

  24. Mordavus:

    The cat is just looking out for her. She just hasn’t found the right one yet! 😉

  25. misstinsel68:

    This is the best. How can you not laugh and relate to this. Im single with cats and sometimes cats are better then men.

  26. josephscott80:

    Dear BBC,

    Your TV schedules are full of sh-t and yet you have gold like this and pretty much every other BBC-produced video on this YouTube channel hidden away?


    Kind regards,

    The UK

  27. iliasemmanuil:

    that is one diabolic cat :DDD

  28. GintokisGirl95:

    I’ve found this on icanhascheezburger 😀

  29. NoirFemme:

    @10amille A Maine Coon, Norwegian or Siberian breed.

  30. vaporland:

    love it!

  31. BonnyBintuBonita:

    its so funny great , cool cat

  32. lmendescba:

    Isso explica tudo!!


  33. dzik84:

    so damn true!:) cats sucks!

  34. junelips:

    I’ve the same norvegian cat I’m affraid!

  35. CombsLandscapeDesign:

    I laughed repeatedly. Then laughed more. And more. I think may be the funniest thing I’ve seen in years, if not right up there at the top with all time. Probably because this 47-year old, perpetually-single gay male may be suffering from the same situation!