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Simon’s Cat in ‘Cat Chat’


www.simonscat.com – A curious cat cat gets into a prickly situation.

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25 комм. на “Simon’s Cat in ‘Cat Chat’”

  1. SuperYoshiCookie:

    Do a barrel roll!

  2. cpaEQUALSmlg:

    hedgehogs are my favorite, im getting one and naming it fredward barnaby howard

  3. TheMariomario900:

    0:44 Sonic’s spin attack!

  4. JimTheShort:

    0:36 what a troll

  5. Joshjames17:

    Simons cat is a troll.

  6. maddieals:

    i had No idea that that is how hedgehogs talked???

  7. createrbest:

    cat:meow meow(look a that hole)
    hedgehog:turns around
    cat:throws leaf
    hedgehog:snorkle snork(blah blah)
    cat:meow meow, meow meow!(a blue hedgehog!)
    hedgehog:turns around
    cat:throws about 58 leaves
    hedgehog:snorkle snorkle snorkle snork.(damn again. i gotta stop falling for that.)

  8. coolboyjimbo:

    i love all of cat chat do all you guys or girls like this video
    i do be my friends add me ok bye

  9. iGuitarSue:

    hahaha just gotta love the hedgehog’s face in 0:38!

  10. Huntercashy:

    tee hee

  11. Flirri:

    That’s either a really tiny cat or an immense hedgehog.

  12. alice12084:

    my hedgehog does the same think, he’s always chasing my cat :)

  13. AAustin5000:

    Simons cat is amazing!!!

  14. EpicJellyCake:

    This is like me and my cousin! I’d be the cat (constantly being curious and getting distracted) and she’d be the porcupine (trying to talk to me and my constant A.D.D.). This actually happens anyway but it’s more when we are together. LOL

  15. Ektherion00:

    That’s definitely the kind of thing a cat would do :D

  16. danielpert:


  17. Naynnick:

    So she said to me *sniff* that I was a fat bastard and that I should die in a whole with my great aunt… HOLY SHAT ITS A FLYING…anyways so I said to the bartender I got this here birthmark…ah its itchy…from my great aunt matilda, and he’s like you knows I dont give a flying po…wuzzat? he’s over there? umm…no he isn’t. Now Im just gonna like, ramble on.

  18. lemur12341:

    garfield of the 21st century

  19. hexpinteas:

    Never make Sonic mad.

  20. Oxxenkracherl:

    U mad hedgehog? *trollface*

  21. Karstin1812:

    @lego1man2 they’re dog lovers! it’s just how they are

  22. Beartallica86:

    705 porcupines watched this.

  23. beverfarfar:

    No cats does stuff like that.
    I like the vids where the cat actually is a cat, that is far too human to be funny. If I want animals to behave like humans, I go look at a disney movie.

  24. nfistfu:

    Just got to love the look on his face when he gets hit by the leaves.

  25. merlinsbookshop:

    Click on my channel for a link to exclusive signed copies of Simon’s Cat. Would make an excellent Christmas present :)