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Grateful Dead – 4-17-72 – China Cat Sunflower


Grateful Dead – TV from the Tivoli 4-17-72 DVD by MattMan
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комм. на “Grateful Dead – 4-17-72 – China Cat Sunflower”

  1. j3rrygarcia:

    @flipside799 listen harder my brother.

  2. flipside799:

    Im not a big dead fan, but this song is chill.

  3. Dolorousness:

    very groovy version

  4. cocoalump:

    @cocoalump «If I knew the way I would take you home»..but » that path is for your steps alone»..PEACE

  5. xelosign:

    @SoopaFish69 Lol i was talking about the sixties, because this song is from that age, mmm i didnt said that it wasnt beautiful, it is, sorry if i mispoke, lets just enjoy it….

  6. ValleysOfNeptune93:

    3:17 drummers like what was that, i think its kicked in lol

  7. SoopaFish69:

    @xelosign Lmao, I’d like to know where you lived in 1972 where weed was legal. I mean, yes it was looked at far differently, but both of those things were definitely illegal. Its definitely not just hippie drug music, its a beautiful jam by pure souls giving it all they got.

  8. xelosign:

    @baltusrolcaddie1 @baltusrolcaddie1 Actually it is hippie drug music, thats what make it psychedelic, and thats why it’s so wonderful, lsd and weed was legal back then, so why not

  9. karileeg:

    I totally agree, there’s nothing like the good ole’ grateful dead to sooth your aching head!

  10. xopowo69:

    @FuzzyBunny515 Hey man I agree with yer statement, but you gotta fix yo gramma d00d!!

  11. fashioncorpse:

    The grateful dead is awesome because they made the «start from scratch» style of jam band really cool. Phish and SCI are a lot more like the allman brothers because they o more of a Jazz solo section jam. Bands like Lotus carry on the «start from scratch» tradition. This is the type of open ended music that I love.

  12. ProjektDeman:



  13. wildmthyme:

    Lovin’ it!

  14. deweypug:

    Two of the most recorded guitarists in history… (and for good reason)

  15. drumforlife720:

    the only people who disliked this were just mad that it got cut off at the end

  16. FuzzyBunny515:

    whoever disliked needs to fix there ears

  17. yourmaw:

    I’m not grateful that Jerry’s dead!

  18. geom44:

    I am not worthy of seeing the Dead live.. its almost like them being done makes it better music. they didnt overplay their tenure

  19. TheGreatStonedOne:

    I agree with people who say they don’t need drugs to enjoy the Dead; that is completely true. I firmly believe that anyone can listen to and enjoy the music of the Grateful Dead in almost any state of mind. That being said…a LOT of people get high and listen to the Dead. A lot. Including me. All the time.

  20. xopowo69:


  21. surfsloth:

    ’71, ’72 has got to be my favorite years

  22. WootstaplerDos:

    @baltusrolcaddie1 Actually, it’s both

  23. edslides1:

    bob knows all the chords!

  24. edslides1:

    pig too!

  25. noknees438:

    they are all one collective brain in pure sync….