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Декабрь 2011
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Cat Stevens – Miles From Nowhere


Miles From Nowhere, played live by Cat Stevens, on Earth Tour 1976 www.lastfm.pt
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комм. на “Cat Stevens – Miles From Nowhere”

  1. leesab76:

    I have no words….except I love this man’s music….

  2. laustererk:

    There is no religion here, just talent.

  3. URAJAD:

    best song by far by the cat

  4. polmaccaba01:

    Tea for the Tillerman was one of the first LPs i listened too, my Dad had it along with some other goodies (music wise). I have always come back to Cat any time i have a few beers, i am thinking about things, or i just have a few minutes to relax. My 2 kids will listen to him and i hope their kids will listen to him because great music has no time limit and has no racial or religious boundaries. And, this my friends is great music.

  5. Syzygy60:

    Ovation Guitar sweet

  6. Syzygy60:

    this man shows more emotion than anyone,he’s fantastic

  7. Syzygy60:

    no one says he’s a terrorist u shithead

  8. walterlajeuness:

    love his music

  9. Johnmadwiscclem:

    Love his passion and energy, seems so real and genuine. Just what’s missing today.

  10. bedmarlo:

    hes not a terrorist

  11. fritters56:

    I thought I loved you as a studio artist, but after hearing your live performance I have fallen in love with your music all over again!!!!!

  12. FILTHYplatinum:

    He is of peace and love!!

  13. 10starsoul:

    He use to have his hidden studio up the mountain from our chalet in Laurentians/Quebec 70′s and to this day….. his sound lifts the spirit…that’s reality!

  14. CaptWild3005:

    AWESOME!!!!! I grew up to this and still love it, born in 1969, Cat your the man

  15. DonaldHope:

    @MicMacGrass1 You are SO Right- Seems I see this at almost Every Video when I just want to Listen and enjoy, and be in the moment of the Precious Treasured Songs by Cat-~Have all his records-I’m here to see this, make positive comments -Don’t type if you don’t like it-& Just let us Enjoy it here okay? His Songs have Deep Meaning Love IT~♥ (If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, dang, ppl shut up and end enjoy ) ♥DH

  16. tang6206:

    where we go what we do be happy love thank god for hes the way wishing ever one a good day forever

  17. SunsTo7:

    @verbenco Well you just have to think for yourself and listen to your heart!!

  18. MicMacGrass1:

    What is it you wanted when you came to this video? The song? Yes. So, why are people talking religion? I don’t get it. Enjoy what you came here for instead of making yourself miserable by interjecting issues that have nothing to do with this song(s) nor why you came to listen to it in the first place! Enjoy! Peace and Love All!

  19. MrLoveflying:

    Love and peace, thats the only thing real…… peace to all

  20. heavenkept:

    Guess I’ll Take my Time <——
    m/ m/’s

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  22. drmo07:

    37 aliens dislike this SONG!!

  23. TVoiceOfTheVoiceless:

    omg helotes….go out! dont sit in front of the cpu the whole day!

  24. TheHonestChurch:

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  25. csgoldengirl1:

    to hell with religion, just listen to this amazing song, and shut the hell up,