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Mick Abrahams – Cat Squirrel


Bishops Stortford Blues Club, 24th November 2003 I Don’t Mind If You Comment.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комм. на “Mick Abrahams – Cat Squirrel”

  1. copernicusinstitute:

    This is a treasure, thanks for sharing

  2. mrthekoos:

    Sweet Stuff!!

  3. motownharry:

    @TheFutureFossil His Guitar looks like a Gibson SG Standard but it’s a Custom Made Guitar. Check out the Hot Exterior Pick-Up Wireing. Someone pointed out what it was a few years ago but I can’t remember what it’s called… at any rate Mick is HOT as Hell….

  4. linald:

    @A66omd I was at the same gig, arrived late because of the snow.

  5. pierattic:

    don’t let the beginning turn you off
    once he gets wound up this song flys

  6. MorningDew4LongGrass:

    @halfmonk Peace..ok.

  7. MorningDew4LongGrass:


  8. halfmonk:

    @jamisondavid100 i would not disagree. mick abrahams’ playing is awesome. i love the early jethro tull stuff and blodwyn pig. i just take issue with the statement about british blues is the best. it wouldn’t even exist without the original black american blues. that was my only point. peace.

  9. jamisondavid100:

    @darincody I don’t know— I went back and listened to the album, and on «Nothing is Easy» the guitar sounds suspiciously like Abrahams. Perhaps Barre could have been instructed by Anderson to play like Abrahams….but on subsequent albums, Barre sounded nothing like the guitar on «Nothing….». Other groups (like Procol Harum) were known to fudge on credits when someone left the band.

  10. halfmonk:

    @jamisondavid100 i agree, he’s a great player. his original recording of cat’s squirrel is a favorite.

  11. jamisondavid100:

    @halfmonk All said and done, Mick Abrahams is a very fine guitarist, and his reputation is pretty negligible in the United States. For authentic feeling, you can’t beat black blues. White bluesmen play an approximation, I’d say, but Mick Abrahams is one of the best and he can play excellent acoustic blues, too, To avoid jingoism, you might want to include Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Duane Allman etc. in with your «white kids».

  12. spacepatrolman:

    @TheFutureFossil i used to know a friend that had a white les paul that looks like an sg with 3 pickups gold palted

  13. TheFutureFossil:

    I have a ’79 red SG, but it doesn’t play like that. I want a refund !

  14. bamboosa:

    I would kill for an SG. Well, that’s how it feels.

  15. halfmonk:

    @raytard29 dude, time to for a little perspective on the subject. american blues is the culmination of a long history of musical tradition of african americans that goes back through slavery to africa. i’m talking about from griots in ghana, up to and including muddy waters thru albert king. you gonna tell me that some white kids like eric clapton or mick abrahams ever came close to that? get a grip on yourself, my friend. that’s the most ridiculous shit i ever heard in my entire life.

  16. jannyrcobs:

    Mick Abrahams… YES!!! The man has never been known to make a wrong move musically.

  17. raytard29:

    i see where you’re coming from and i’m niether in agreement or disagreement with that statement, but just because something wasnt the root of something doesnt mean it cant surpass said root.

  18. fedegas13:

    TULL brought me here!

  19. halfmonk:

    mick abrahams is great. jethro tull’s version of «cat’s squirrel» was awesome.

    but i take issue with this statement: «nothing better than british blues.» fucking ridiculous. without real american blues like muddy waters, howlin wolf, sonny boy williamson, doctor ross (who first recorded «cat’s squirrel) and hundreds of great black musicians, british blues wouldn’t even exist. they’d still be playing in skiffle groups or doing weak imitations of bobby darin.

  20. manslayer1972:

    @JeffKnight look on amazon, theres dvd’s there too :)

  21. JeffKnight:

    Thank you very much for sharing. I can only found one of Mick’s CD in Hong Kong.

  22. darincody:

    @uweoehlke You are full of a special kind of bollocks friend. Mick (I love the guy) did not play a note on the Stand Up album. He was already forming up Blodwyn Pig.

  23. jatras:

    @TrashcanBoogie – You’re very hard to please!

  24. Gonzoidzz:

    this guy is really good. Kind of Roy Buchanan unique.

  25. TrashcanBoogie:

    lost interest in tull after mick, too formula.