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Felidae (1994, English) – Part 1


Part 1 of movie. Francis the cat has just moved into the neighborhood with his owner, only to be greeted by a series of baffling and gruesome murders. Sifting through the clues left by the murderer, the crazed Claudandus sect, and his own horrific nightmares; Francis must solve the puzzle behind the killer – before it is too late.

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25 комм. на “Felidae (1994, English) – Part 1”

  1. PollexTheCat:

    wow this cartoom is pretty brutal for being made in 1994

  2. Toastishott:

    @ScourgeIsAPsychoCat it IS a kids book, it’s in the kid’s section of the bookstore. A lot of kids books have blood and killing. Harry Potter, Eragon, Guardian’s of Ga’hoole, Silverwing, ect. And anyways the writing in Warriors is extremely simple, I don’t think there was a single word I didn’t not know the meaning of, and I’ve read up to the third series. Also the entire concept is not about fighting for territory, that’s like, a tiny subplot…Have you even read past book 1?

  3. Toastishott:

    Book was impossible to find at any library and book store, so i ordered it, read it, and thought it was pretty good. Then I let my sister barrow it, and she lost it…Now I have to order it again! Siiigh

  4. MyLeopardGecko1:

    did u make this movie?

  5. Elementroar:

    FINAL WARNING. I will shutdown the comments section to stop all this Warriors spam. If you didn’t read the original Felidae and realize it’s older than the Warriors series, or that if you look at anything with cats in it you think of only one series and resort to discussing that instead of what you saw: You need to get out more and watch more things and stop being obsessive like a Twilight fan.

  6. KitanavsMileena:

    This is just… odd

  7. Elizavetaaa:

    I remember watching this as a lil girl, not knowing that it was an «adult movie». Man was I freaked out afterwards.

  8. Pooky1991:

    I love finding obscure movies I never knew existed. Youtube is the place to find them.

  9. mmirzzi:

    @Silver77cyn Could you tell me where to find it? :D

  10. Elementroar:

    @2334523 This book is older. Removed and blocked.

    Same thing to anyone else spamming without a brain.

  11. 2334523:


  12. Spottedwingriver:

    @koechiaki777 LOL!!!!
    who knows?

  13. Spottedwingriver:

    @hamtarofan4000 fine. ok. I’m just saying that Redtail would look good with his throat torn out like deep purple’s or solitaire’s. LOL!

  14. MySav1234:

    fd3 as Bluebeard would say …smart ass but I have to say I agree

  15. fd3:

    Just by how they introduce the opening title sequence of «Felidae» you know that the movie’s gonna be hella messed up/violent Dx lol

  16. leesem9259:

    @Squirrelstarz no I think he is a american shorthair

  17. PunditMisfit:

    Guys, I’ve read Warriors, and it’s childish all the way. I’ve also seen Felidae before. Very different…

  18. qazwasxy:

    this, is one freaky ass movie… yet i keep watching it

  19. iluvwarriorsify:

    @ScourgeIsAPsychoCat ikr? and those barnes and noble people put it in the kid section. Why not make a teen section? or even a tween?

  20. iluvwarriorsify:

    @Scartalon1000 my gosh i love warriors so much i love leafpool the most i used to like squirrelflight but lately she’s a mopey sack of depression >.<

  21. laszlomen:

    ha ha…he said «buut-ie-fuol»

  22. warriorsdawnwhisker:

    danm at 8:40 that must have hurt

  23. Squirrelstarz:

    Is Francis a siamese?

  24. UnknownParticles:

    @fiandaca123 It’s not so much lazy, as the mass importation of manga/anime into American culture in the past 20 years has encouraged kids to seek out shitty content with even shitter animators. There are some amazing artists out there, but they just can’t get work thanks to a bunch of unoriginal lardasses.

  25. XxAlphaAlicexX:

    Its not really an adult film.Children/Teens can view it, if they think they can handle it.Im 11, and I can easily watch this.Warriors is not COMPLETLY a kid/teen book, as it has blood and gore like in Felidae.A lot in Felidae is like Warriors.THATS WHY people compare it to that