Tom & Jerry — The Cat Concerto [HQ]


Tom & Jerry — The Cat Concerto [HQ]. My Channel is CartoonCollection : * Thanks for visiting
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Primus performing «Tommy The Cat» for MTV’s Spring Break 1992. I captured this from my own VHS-recorded copy of the broadcast from back in the day. 🙂 For the higher quality video and audio version, add &fmt=18 to the end of the URL. There have a been a TON of comments about the «Primus sucks» thing, so I wanted to post up here a recent comment by «heymanthisisfun» who shares some history behind it….. ————————————————— «Simple misunderstanding bro, ya see ‘Primus sucks’, (long story short) is an old school Primus joke that actually Les started himself by saying at shows ‘We’re Primus and we suck’ and people started chanting it at shows and it kinda stuck ever since and even still you’ll hear people at the nowadays rare Primus shows, yellin ‘PRIMUS SUCKS!!!!’ its just one of those things ya know!» And, yes, that IS Tia Carrere at the end of the video. 😉
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 комментариев на “Tom & Jerry — The Cat Concerto [HQ]”

  1. mad4eva101:

    what are the names of the songs in this cartoon, someone please tell :)

  2. TheReverantChoir:

    What’s the first piece played, in the intro…?

  3. easkay:

    This is the very episode and piece of music that encouraged me to start learning the piano. And here I am 15 years later. Brilliant!

  4. domiiBbm:

    me encanto especialmente la ultima parte cuando tom se vuelve loco porque jeery esta tocando jajaja xD

  5. Alvinacid:

    ahahahahaha 4:30-4:34

  6. Arachnidius:

    I remember once my mum and dad recorded something like 8 hours straight of Tom & Jerry (on VIDEO!), which some insane individual decided to air, because we were such fans. I appreciate this even more, I love the fact that they take real melodies and playing techniques and the actual physical action of those techniques to cause most of the slapstick in this, really clever, classy cartoons. Unlike today’s mass-produced, carbon copy, inane bullshit.

  7. TheReverantChoir:

    @xumingful The hole melody is from Frans Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No 2

  8. xumingful:

    anyone know the song Tom is playing at the start?

  9. kratos45100:

    @Balmung115 bout 3:33 ?


    Franz liszt….

  11. Balmung115:

    I love 3:14.

  12. shadowkiller3500xd:

    Tom & Jerry + Dragonn Ball Z= My infancy

  13. Lectricfuneral:

    Who the fuck dislikes Tom and Jerry?

  14. acmer313:

    Music: Hungarian Rhapsody No.2

  15. IndianFirewater:

    @finals334 lol its a cartoon. but yea he doesn’t use music

  16. IndianFirewater:

    @Haloman8675 lol yea thats one of the awesome things about this show, half the stuff that’d be a concern in reality doesn’t factor in =D

  17. IndianFirewater:

    @IndianFirewater Hell yes! I love these old cartoons, they were so creative and there’s just something about Technicolor that’s appealing, you can almost see that it has been drawn in colored pencil.

  18. IndianFirewater:

    3:50 to 4:15 love the music, also at 4:35 or wherever when Jerry plays jazz.

  19. poortom1000:

    5:19 piano need tuning.


    LOL at Tom’s face!

  21. iTzJustCrAzY:

    @xxkilla59xx I didn’t even fast forward to see what part it was you were talking about, I knew it what the scene was in my mind. Good one.

  22. xxkilla59xx:

    4:11…come at me bro

  23. xxkilla59xx:

    thank you so much for the upload!!

  24. WambaTheHarlequin:

    evil mouse…. poor cat.

  25. SINPKG:

    if you ask why ppl are saying Primus sucks you are not a fan lol…PRIMUS SUCKS 😀

  26. TheBillyGtube:

    @Rampndude .. The mindless can only repeat what they’ve heard from others, Thats why. :)

  27. cellphone96:

    from 3:15 to 3:50 all i can say is…. fuck you les claypool for making everyone else who plays bass look bad


    holy shit at 2.18 big part of the crowd was moshing!!!! I wish I could have been there with them!!

  29. akrotirifry9:

    So Tommy Was A Cat and Jerry Was A Race Car Driver. I get it now! 😀

  30. Proloco47chev:

    play like that and sing at the same time then come back and we’ll talk about skill.

  31. CaronDeath18:

    @Supertramp1966 Montreal in last October was an heck of a show!!

  32. DancingBear1991:

    @earthwormjah Yeah I kno about all that I just wasn’t sure If it was a Dead shirt thats why I asked, but good shit Thanks for the info I never listened to much of Primus to know he likes the Dead

  33. earthwormjah:

    @DancingBear1991 Your screen name is Dancingbear, a reference to Owsley «Bear» Stanley, a man who manufactured L.S.D for a band called the Grateful Dead, and said band’s logo is on Les’s shirt.

  34. alektorophobia1000:

    Is this in Daytona Beach?!

  35. LazyNightz:

    LOL put the closed caption on it’s hilarious

  36. DancingBear1991:

    @earthwormjah I dont listen to primus that much and couldn’t read his shirt and your tryin to be a smartass to prove that your a huge fan or somethin

  37. earthwormjah:

    @DancingBear1991 «Comment pointing out the irony of your screen name and apparent lack of understanding of Les’s shirt»

  38. Trollkriger:

    why is my video snowing!!

  39. akerswizard779:

    The girl at the end killed my boner.


    @Rampndude or buy ‘Suck on This’, listen to the song ‘Jellikit’.

  41. captainshiner3:

    Don’t know if anybody mentioned but Les is on LSD for this performance. Funfact, look it up.

  42. DancingBear1991:

    what is on les claypool’s shirt?

  43. jazzbasstard:

    godlike tone. rainbow bass sucks, primus sucks harder

  44. gerderman107:

    good solo but hes not really buckethead

  45. eveplayer12:


  46. alexfranklin:

    such a great soun. these guys always put on a show and just jam hella good together. makes me wanna go skate hardcore

  47. LCHC1:

    17 people went to this show

  48. Arcon1337:

    Primus sucks.

  49. universalsingularity:

    This is the single most percussive performance on a bass I’ve ever seen.