Gravity Defying Cat — The Slow Mo Guys


Gav bribes Lloyd the cat with some ham so she performs the famous cat double-jump in super slow motion. Shot at 2500 frames per second. (100 times slower) Be sure to check out the channel for other slow mo videos!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A short film
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комментариев на “Gravity Defying Cat — The Slow Mo Guys”

  1. RealSnowProductions:

    @007marioboy It aint a cat, Its spider man

  2. IhasMetal:

    Cats are supernatural.

  3. TheDeadcooks:

    1:38 hang in there kitty…

  4. dawg969:

    just by looking at this vid, i realize how beautiful, powerful and gentle these cats are. I am a dog fan but cats are now starting to compete with my mind to have one along with my puppies!!!

  5. DrussTheAxeGod:

    like a boss

  6. gaunhlet:

    Prince of persia, the jam on the wall

  7. limcm94:

    at @1:45 I thought it’s going to fall down XD

  8. firewolf11567:

    I wanna be a cat 🙁

  9. LolageDude:

    Did anyone notice someone’s head pop out from behind the wall at 0:37 ? Freaked the shit out of me…

  10. Xironarc:

    Cats are the ninjas of the animal kingdom.

  11. Davezlunch:

    Cats are frickin springs..

  12. nerddcore:

    spider cat spider cat does whatever a spider cat does…..

  13. DarthWafflez:

    gravity cat not amused

  14. OfficalDJPieMan:

    to slow for me 🙂

  15. MeFireworkzPkBadass:

    85 dogs disklike this video :s

  16. PhillyFail:

    Wall jump!

  17. superbungabunga:

    that cat should go on ninja warrior

  18. lxLOTUSxl:

    Purrrrkour :)

  19. Tre1717:

    That’s how parkour started

  20. JxSAVAGE:

    Catsassans creed.

  21. likeit292:

    mute the video, an play souja boy at the same time as teh cats running up the fence in slow mo

  22. willdamann:


  23. acfjames:

    85 people suck monkey bum lol

  24. ShysTP9IK:

    this is what i call parkour!

  25. Mon08Kat:

    i can do that too =) i think im a cat =)

  26. Tilleyass:


  27. Blooperguy229:

    Can anyone else agree old cartoons were good? I and geez, and if this were real life and someone walked in on the professor they’d say
    «Who the hell are you talking to?»

  28. battybuddy:

    @1390MUSIC Yeah. NC didn’t do any research past knowing Felix was from the silent era. Don’t get me wrong, the movie was bad- I explained it to a freind of mine as «Felix goes to Sonic 06» in that you have a character whos simple and cheerful like Felix in a world where everythings dark and moody and doesn’t match the characters original cartoons… but he didn’t even know the characters.

  29. BradTheProducer:

    Man, Dexter’s Laboratory took a lot from that scientist.

  30. Blooperguy229:

    Gay, and carefree. The ROFL!! THATS JUST SO FUNNY! It sounds the other way, ahhh but I think know back then it meant happy

  31. Casey5693:

    This is interesting, but I like the 1920’s version of Felix better. Back then he didn’t need a bag of tricks to figure things out. He could do it on his own.

  32. dragoom432100:

    I watch this when i was 4 and i didnt see it since

  33. MissLaurenElizabe100:

    Thanks for posting this I love Felix!

  34. MissLaurenElizabe100:


  35. JENDALL714:

    Felix was the first television star ever! It was his image rotating on a turn table that was first beamed to a television monitor in 1929!

  36. peter15903:

    I remember watching this in the suburbs of Los Angles, Inglewood when I was a child in the early 60’s WOW

  37. MrKinghuman:

    i remember watching this when i was a kid in Italy, back in the early 90s, I never knew why i liked this show but ive never forgotten it.

  38. moneyquickeasy:

    Back when people could use the word «gay» without it meaning homosexual.

  39. MultiMiles21:

    Laughed my ass of when thay said «gay»

  40. TheSkyRender:

    Why would the professor invent a machine like the one seen at the end? And why would he keep using it on himself? No wonder Felix always outsmarts him…

  41. AlexIsUber:

    @hollowcaustic im pretty sure everything out of that bag got Luis V all over it lol

  42. AlexIsUber:

    Felix isnt fking around, he got that Luis Vuitton bag….

  43. christiansoldier11:

    @well what if gays stole the word Muppet?

  44. PABLOIS369:

    I first heard about felix the cat because I had a sweater with him on it when I was a kid. then my sister lost it 🙁 but felix the cat was my imaginary friend for my entire childhood!

  45. PABLOIS369:

    @BlackStringedWolf don’t you hate how homo’s steal all the good words.

  46. TDImiracle:

    Love how Felix is all like «I don’t care about your Reducing Ray!»

  47. YaoiHuntressEarth:

    I wouldn’t mind having a bag like that of my own.

  48. NonstopRam:

    Who the fuck let the Cat out of the Bag >:O

  49. KLayneC9110:

    4:50- 4:53 awww almost forget how cute felix is

  50. MaverickHunterZero75:

    Obviously, Nostalgia Critic has never watched the cartoons, because if he did, he would know how the magic bag came to be.