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Nyan Cat Piano Tutorial ~ Midi + Sheet Music


I used noteworthy composer to annotate the midi then recorded it in the free program called Synthesia (google it). All of the credit goes to Zorsy for making the sheet music. Sheet music: www.mediafire.com Midi file: www.mediafire.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комм. на “Nyan Cat Piano Tutorial ~ Midi + Sheet Music”

  1. BlondieDoReMi:

    22 seconds mastered! Now after i untangle my fingers, i shall attempt to learn the rest :3

  2. FashoDoTrinity:

    I always hated when people would post comments saying «please watch my videos»
    but my friends say i have a good voice, so i did a short little cover of «do you believe in magic» could you guys like this so people can watch it, and so i can know if i should just give up with whole singing stuff haha Thanks :p

  3. camibeadlesbieber:

    Level: ASIAN

  4. xangelofxdeathx:

    hey thanks, i wouldn’t have been able to play this without your video :) 

    you can check it out at

  5. thethethethethethey:

    @puppyloverulez Thanks! Now I can actually play it!

  6. Cherryberry554:

    @bangsit2304 hahah I’m the exact opposite as you…

  7. MegaJimmyw:

    :( wow love the piano ..always loved it ..there’s piano and flute …..hmmm the slow made it classic pure notes good job love it

  8. KageTori12:

    It’s called nyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanya, not nyan cat >=t

  9. puppyloverulez:

    you can just change those four sharps into 3 flats, if that’s better. Same notes, just take out the sharps and put in B flat, E flat, and A flat

  10. 123tayanna:

    Got it till the second half of chorus.

  11. JTB0804:

    It’s been a week and I can finally play it :D

  12. animeshredder312:

    im asian and i tried playing this on my piano. i got so mad i ripped off the keys of my piano and stabbed them through my nutsack. im a dissapointment to the honorabo famiwy.

  13. sergiuung:

    @HDFNinoxX synthesia. should have read the description.

  14. TheDuncan48:

    you don’t happen to be asian do you

  15. thethethethethethey:

    FOUR SHARPS!?!? THATS INSANE!! Can some one transpose to a C, Or G?

  16. MrRexTV1:

    @HDFNinoxX thats OK, just make sure you keep that in mind for next time :)

  17. HDFNinoxX:

    @MrRexTV1  sorry :X

  18. Toastfrei:

    challenge accepted

  19. MrRexTV1:

    @HDFNinoxX Oh really, another who can’t read the description?! Its called Synthasia, there I helped you, don’t complain, just make sure you read description before you comment! HAHA

  20. HDFNinoxX:

    how to call tis program?

  21. biancavilla:

    tkh for midi link

  22. jjjjjijiji22:

    who ever did this is awesome. Btw I hate my pc because it cant even even handle circus galop at the slowest speed. lol

  23. Frotorulezzz:

    @QuibbyFailed Thank yu :3

  24. Frotorulezzz:

    @EternityCode814 XDD

  25. EternityCode814:


    Wow. I can’t handle trying this song and being 11 at the same time. Pro. *cough*