Kitten Versus the Toy


The kitten’s favourite toy is this tunnel ball thingy — don’t know the name of the toy. He forever tries to get those balls out without any success. Miracle was being lazy watching and the kitten’s tail was a little intriguing to him. Music: Exciting Trailer, Kevin MacLeod,
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 комментария на “Kitten Versus the Toy”

  1. Arhozur:


  2. gir1596:

    I had alot a pets but no matter how much i ask my parents to get me a kitty they say no cuz mom is alergaic soooooo yeaaaa
    note:srry if i suck at spelling

  3. monkeybutts011:

    i lost 2.3 ounces why cant i fit?

  4. autofriendleads:

    Cute kitty….

  5. BlackRose2442:


  6. BlackRose2442:

    @ArtAffliction099 …..rlly?I think u need to shut up and why did u post a hateful comment and…..karma will strike you back have a NICE day 😀

  7. tanxeria:

    oh, jeez, i feel sorry for the kitten… that looks so frustrating!!!!

  8. yumeXnoir:

    The cake is a lie, little kitteh!

  9. Ms1Lizzy1:

    Bless this gorgeous kitty, I want one, lol!!!

  10. donniebra32:

    Cute and FLUFFY!!!

  11. summersage77:

    Lol I love how the big cat was playing with its tail. xD xD

  12. shazzump:

    LOL my cat played with his once and gave up never to touch it again

  13. StatusUnicorn:

    I started watching cat videos to cheer up but they’re only making me want to cry more! D`:

  14. YY4Me133:

    What an adorable baby!

  15. M0NS3BKN:

    Kitten is very cute!

  16. SusanMJB45:

    All of your kittens are adorable. Thanks for the videos. They are great !!!

  17. roborave:

    It’s…shaped like a Rondo Ball…

  18. 12nunchaku:

    @LittoBUbbo I so agree! I have an examn on friday, but my concentration is just gone. Though, here is where I found it present. x)

  19. hungrybear9874:

    Balls to YOU!

  20. rdeegs:

    this is so cute and funny


  21. brennanicole1998:

    Best YouTube video I’ve ever seen
    P.s the background music was perfect for this video. SOOO CUTE

  22. ArtAffliction099:

    Sharon, i have sat up for 3 hours now watching your videos. I am very greatful for what you do for these kittens and i would like you too keep it up for the rest of your life. K THANKS BYE

  23. floridafire02:

    That cat is having the longest «What the fuck?» moment I’ve ever seen : )

  24. InformingSongbird:

    Is there anything as cute, I don’t think so!