Cat Stevens — The Foreigner Suite — Live 1973


Cat Stevens performs «The Foreigner Suite» in its entirety on ABC In Concert — 11/09/73 Clips from same concert: Father & Son: Wild World: Morning Has Broken: 18th Avenue: Moonshadow/Teaser cartoon: King Of Trees: A Bad Penny The Hurt: The Foreigner Suite:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Cat Stevens — The Foreigner Suite — Live 1973”

  1. 34alendre:

    muito bom
    do Brasil

  2. cindernation12:

    It’s funny when he increases the tempo and loses the backup singers. Cat is bad ass!

  3. mistergamba80:

    wooohoooooooooooooooo……………what a song!

  4. sling3shot:

    A handle full of times I came home from the record store with a record by a new artist and wasn’t really sure what I had.I had heard «WILD WORLD» on the radio that day and went and bought «tea for the tillerman».Each song on the album was better than the next This happened when I bought «GREETINGS FROM ASBURY PARK» by springsteen.And of course all beatle albums.For me I found this true with all PROCOL HARUM records too.I just bought every album these artists released and was never disappointed.

  5. bigm1953:

    the last couple of minutes of the foreigner suite makes me happy every time i hear it!

  6. IceFanECP:

    One off the best for ever

  7. IceFanECP:

    One off the best from Cat

  8. jmartinfour:

    I can’t believe I haven’t found this until now. I actually saw this the night it aired and after that I was hooked on Cat on up to Majikat Tour and beyond.

  9. fallingpearl:

    @terrybeaton LOL i love it!
    You are awesome

  10. fallingpearl:

    Put all problems aside
    turn up the volume
    sit back & celebrate this man’s life
    ladies & gentleman
    The king!

  11. romanvr4esv:

    The best Cat’s song ever…. 

  12. terrybeaton:

    I grew up in the seventies and had everyone of his records(execpt his first one), and each one I got became my favourite. What a joy and delight for the world he was. My first listen was in 73 to a freinds brothers Tea for the Tilerman. I was probably stoned, but I’ve loved him ever since. What a genius!

  13. Aurarisma:

    @Impalamark64 it didnt receive a poor review from me !! and i was my own critic!! LOL… I know what I like !!! Foreigner and Foreigner Suite!!!!! peace x

  14. 7777777tobi:

    Not every singer does what he does Cat Stevens
    One of the best

  15. Rastafari6:

    He’s totally into it

  16. ksalzman1:

    Remember seeing this on TV when in college and it was great then but its truly amazing to hear it and see it now!! One of the best and the only song this long that I love listening to

  17. realtorsupport:

    Oh to be 16 again…There were so many incredible artists at the time, but Cat was in a league of his own. I was broken-hearted when he left because his music spoke to my soul and no one was there to take his place. Thank heaven he was such a prolific song writer. His music has taken me through 37 years. God bless you Yusuf.

  18. mirrie36:

    Man, everything comes out so naturally; Cat, you’re something!!!!!

  19. suadref:

    the last bit was my favourite… before the cheers

  20. davlak2:

    this was one of the most inspired pieces of music through the story of rock.
    great cat!

  21. Impalamark64:

    Fantastic performance!
    Even though the Foreigner album received poor reviews when it was released, it was (and still is) one of my favorites. I bought it on vinyl then, and later, on CD.

  22. tripleh958:

    Totally extecy <3<3<3

  23. StateCollapse:

    Fucking amazing. Im blown away.

  24. 5678hhh:

    Two people have ADHD and couldn’t sit through the whole thing.

  25. Jangaban1:

    Barbaro, mucho Cat Stevens……la mejor cancion….