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25 комментариев на “CUTEST KITTY EVER!”

  1. TheKverchi:


  2. Missashleyann28:

    Dang, I just lost my wallet today! I hope a nice person finds it and returns it!

  3. AyooKidLeggitt:

    Shes so small

  4. TheVeisonchen:

    hey look its rufus. ! 1:04

  5. rachelxvanilla:

    awww! she’s so much bigger now!

  6. ZuperElg:

    awwww, Nylah was so tiny! :3

  7. wow0ook:


  8. MkBx14:

    4:32 lol

  9. pieorbooby1:

    lol jeana failed

  10. gypsyluckybroinaz:

    This Vid Was Posted On My b-day Yayyy Lol L8r SAAAAAAAN

  11. Rdouglas009:

    ok…………look if you dont like the comment then msg me not comment here thx

  12. TheGal9989:

    no im watching this in -5000 on my istone

  13. Jazzabelle85:

    Cats like these are the best. I love cats that have wild ancestors. We are getting 2 Bengal kittens next week and I am so excited. I love how strong and wild they are. Better than those boring house cats!! I can’t wait for our kittens to climb on everything including us 🙂

  14. NOpantiessBITCH:

    i loveeeeeeeeee your cat i just started watching your videos i spend all night watching all your videos !! love you guysss and your kitty cat<333

  15. Coro123x007:

    I think Nylah likes jesse a lot more than jeana if you watch the other videos

  16. Rdouglas009:

    yea dua i have people telling me this a lot god

  17. CrazyVidBlog:

    no, he isnt -.-

  18. 10purpleprincess:

    God,Sorry. Someone has a temper………..

  19. Rdouglas009:

    look have something to say email me if you dont will you plzz SHUT THE FUCK UP! and i know srorry im not good at english but look how many people like it that means they do get it a little thx that all i dont want people to be talking shit ok you dont know me i dont know you we are all good thx.

  20. 10purpleprincess:

    Well I am watching in 2012, not waching

  21. werebffs102:

    a kinda cat

  22. diamond williams:


  23. cchampagne15:

    dude…your naked

  24. SuperSagaloo:


  25. MusicLover5440: