Farcry 2 w/ Kootra Ep. 12 «Zap the Zebra»


Remember to send over a like and such, it helps the cats hunting for the Jackal…..he is clever. Here I am playing through Farcry 2 in preparation for Farcry 3. I have played through this game at least 10 times on xbox, including Infamous difficulty. So this should be good.

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24 комментария на “Farcry 2 w/ Kootra Ep. 12 «Zap the Zebra»”

  1. thetbonemc:

    but if you go by this games logic, instead of totaling the cars, they’ll just ASSplode in your face.

  2. ShadowRikuza:

    This game….I say all cars should be fixable by a magic bolt that you turn a few time. No more mechanic. Flat tire, pop the hood and twist that bitch. Radiator leaking, twist that bitch. Car fell off a cliff, goes through bush and gets hit by a jeep? TWIST THAT BITCH!!!

  3. Institutionlzd4114:

    Kootra is officially the worst driver ever. But it’s hilarious.

  4. newdino1234:

    poor zebra

  5. TheSinisterWeb:

    Hey Kootz i prenounce zebra exactly the same as you, an im from britain.

  6. lab100ful:

    By strips i love that movie STRIPES

  7. AshTimlin01:

    04:50-04:58 if only all vehicles were that easy to fix!

  8. BornInAus:

    oh oh my god?

  9. ipoopcandyasalways:

    05:54 bye bye zebra 😀

  10. weijun fox:

    oh omg zebra kootra you kill a zebra!

  11. HTRawson:

    never mind

  12. HTRawson:

    3:50 did he kill his buddy?

  13. danza449:

    thats a disraspectin capetown we get thing called quaka and there zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssss  zebra for short

  14. ninjaforse5:

    When in doubt zap it out

  15. rewiscole4477:

    way way to much to say

  16. TheUndeadSgtTv:

    I like it

  17. BleachNoteAlchemist:

    I thought zap the zebra was like spank the monkey.

  18. MrTheSweetpea:

    if they pay you to leave them alone you get money if they dont you get to blow stuff up… it’s a win win situation!!!

  19. XchaosftwX:

    I’m smart.

  20. DoNkEyDuK:

    or the great bwhuh! for short.

  21. XAwEsOmEx757:

    Far Cry, One of the best video games made. JS

  22. john47882:


  23. SonicfanM:

    wa no!

  24. Denozify: