Kitten Bath


Giving the kittens a flea bath, two different occasions. Near the end the only male went under for a second then dad grabbed him.

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24 комментария на “Kitten Bath”

  1. barrazaalfredo98:

    <3 u emm

  2. sparky35242:


  3. MrFury4:

    these cats dont look like they hate it if they hated it they would jump out right as they were put in these cats had the chance to jump out but they didnt

  4. RepoExplosiveSushi:

    Your cats actually seem to enjoy the water ^^ My uncle has a cat who loves water. He knows how to turn on the faucet and he puts his head under the water.

  5. InAllOurDreams:

    For everyone saying «Ohh..animals abuse..cats don’t like water..blah!» And bringing up the fact that you are forcing them to do something they don’t like. What about working? The majority of working class citizens work, do they like it? Generally no. Face it, we (and kittens apparently) dont always get what we want, something that your gonna have to get over.

  6. yuzukomallah:

    its mad

  7. mikae82:

    i believe the proper term is….kitty paddle.

  8. CuteKovuKitten:

    Floating kitty at the end

  9. isidora7ify:

    que lindoooooo
    primera vez que veo a un gatito remojandose

  10. fredsarw:

    Agreeable :P But if my cat sees water he scratches everything ’round him

  11. xxPhantemxx:


  12. Gabriellelind:

    que fofo essa coisinha

  13. TheViharsarok:

    kaka 8

  14. RainbowShanks:

    I wish cats stayed as kittens forever, because they are sooooooooo adorable and tolerant when they are young. But when they grow up, omfg they are annoying. xD

  15. MsCupcake614:

    omg they are so cute.. ooh *-* 

  16. xoKristenox18:

    I miss my cat fluffy who vanished almost two years ago.. she was an outdoor cat mostly like she loved being outdoors and she had babies and I really don’t know why mom & dad never got her done but I’m glad they never.I love everyone of the babies she had & I feed them & cared for them till they went to good homes.I now see some of the kittens I raised they are so big now & they still remember me.. they hug into me so much! Love cats <3

  17. SxCBriGiT:

    that looks like a very shallow tub… but its perfect for those cute little kittens… omg adorable!

  18. purpleleopard99:

    agreed people dont even know what they are talking about half the time!!

  19. Therese Campanile:

    wot is that hos

  20. shaidy222:

    @SammyTRK hey dude just giving you heads up i heard that flea baths can poison your kittens because they contain toxic chemicals, unless its an organic flea baths, also i soo wish my kitten could handle baths as well as yours do haha so cute!! ^.^

  21. musicblessedmylife:

    Happy song of spring with adorable pics of baby goats, baby kitten and my brave hamster 🙂

    -> «Get Awake» <- Put this in the link: watch?v=sjFdK-rByHg

  22. MrFailcam:

    i like your wet pussy if you know what i mean

  23. xBaranZacarioX:

    aww they’re sweet.. and they seem to know that this treatment is for the best. My kitties reacted much the same way. They were miserable with the fleas and although I could tell they didn’t like the water, they both sat quietly and let me shampoo them. Such good kitties 🙂

  24. ShigaKyou:

    If you ever owned a cat, then you should know flea medicine is not always enough.