SeaWorld’s Pets Rule Show (in HD)


Become a Facebook SeaWorld fan at: or download this video in iTunes: Become a Facebook SeaWorld fan at: or download this video in iTunes: The SeaWorld Pets Show in San Diego, California. Dogs dance, cats covort and birds flock. Even a potbellied pig gets into the act.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is old footage of Koko the gorilla loving and caring for a pet kitten…and then crying whenever she finds out the kitty died. If anyone says animals don’t feel emotions, show them this.

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50 комментариев на “SeaWorld’s Pets Rule Show (in HD)”

  1. runrunforest1:

    that will be a lot of shit to clean up every days :)

  2. RoBoCinemas:

    it would be funny if you saw a random cat doing all the tricks with the dogs

  3. bianca9442:

    my aunt works at seaworld and they rescucewd all these animals and they are lucky

  4. Silvawolf100:

    those cats are nuts lol

  5. micaloquendo:

    yeah! genialllllll! buen show lastima que para entrenarlos les pegan :S

  6. jczeinc:

    i was when shamu kill her trainer
    that was sad

  7. jczeinc:

    i was when shamu kill her trainer
    that was ad

  8. missalisonrenee:

    was the a freaking cat on the tightrope?! oh my goodness..

  9. LuvMyChemRomance:

    9:37 — NINJA!

  10. 463tiger:

    i like the doggies

  11. LaughOutLoudKristina:

    Awwwe! That pig was so cute xD

  12. shamurocks1395:

    My favorite part about this show is that all of these animals were rescued from shelters. :)

  13. ThePrettyandcool123:

    It was so good they were so talented 😀 thumb’s up if you seen this and loved it

  14. BabyGirl67867:

    It’s called «Let’s get it on»

  15. ayyojayy1:

    Whats the song name of the love song

  16. goldenr22:

    This was soo ccute!!

  17. campervinh:

    when i went there last weak it was hillarious because that when they started play who the let the dogs out one of the dogs ran to the stage and just stop there waiting to see when does the show actually started

  18. kathaleeyafunkyfwesh:

    is this in San Diego? i went to the one in san diego. and i saw this show in real life. 😀

  19. SavitarTheSurfingGod:

    anyone who says these dogs are abused is a moron who hasn’t ever owned a dog mine loves to play soccer literally we even have a big box labeled goal that she uses. We have to pick her up and bring her inside otherwise she will play until she runs the skin off the bottom of her paws or passes out.

  20. Disneythievesrock:

    You can tell it’s SeaWorld when even the petshow has a wet zone. :)

  21. BakaniBoko:

    lol let me rephrase that, they’re charing people to see dogs do agility and canine freestyle.

  22. BakaniBoko:

    Oookay…sos they’re charging people money to see dogs do agility? Lol, you can go and see dogs do way more impressive stuff like this almost every weekend in north America for free ^_^ Still cool, just lol….

  23. 123ziggy123zig:

    ok so i must say…some people complain that seaworld abuses animals and uses them. I understand if your definition of ABUSE is using them for entertainment, etc. however the general use of the word ABUSE implies physical «torture» which in all honesty is NOT what is going on….these are pampered pets

  24. maggycee:

    is that first wee black one a lhaso apso x ? x

  25. kokkikok1:


  26. c25ole:

    that’s so awesome how smart koko is. sad to see koko so sad but really cool vid.

  27. ishtarian:

    (cont’d)… and, of course, there is the well-known case of the boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure, where the female gorilla gently cared for him until a handler could come and get him the medical attention needed. She treated him as she would her own.

    We share a LOT of the same neurology with such animals, and it is time people got it clear that, while these ARE wild animals, we have more in common than we in our arrogance have tended to credit….

  28. ishtarian:

    (cont’d)… He was somewhere in the house, but we couldn’t find him… we would only hear him off someplace crying… and damned if it didn’t sound eerily like a human child sobbing. He didn’t eat and barely drank anything for those three days. That cat was grieving, plain and simple. Dogs have been known to grieve, as have other animals… studies of apes demonstrate this quite frequently. They also feel empathy and compassion (you can find lectures on this on YT)… (cont’d)

  29. ishtarian:

    Yes, animals have feelings, often quite close to ours (whether they are identical or not is impossible to accurately say, but they are at least very close analogs). Personal experience: we had a Sheltie and a cat who had been around each other for years. When we had to have the dog euthanized (rather than lingering in pain when there was no hope of recovery), we brought her home for burial. The cat let loose a wail, and disappeared for three days… (cont’d)

  30. keoshiachannel:

    we got the book at school

  31. alanf1m3:

    and now… the planet of the apes

  32. chutchybo:

    awwww how sad is this..

  33. MrJM813:

    And idiots say animals don’t have feelings

  34. MsAnimesexy:

    Bless Koko. thats the saddest thing ever, its so sad that koko feels that way, if only death could be undone then koko could be happy once more.

  35. ConnieP1263:

    I cried too.

  36. idis1abad:

    Oh, I see what you’re doing now. As long as people respond to this comment then they’re just as guilty as spreading hate. Why not just ignore the comment, rather than adding fuel to the fire. Okay I see your point :p

  37. imdamanwithdaanswers:

    OK, I’m done kid. i’ll just ignore anymore of your replies and if you still give a HATEFUL (key word here) response and I don’t respond, then i’ll be the better person. Just sayin’.

  38. idis1abad:

    thanks for stating the obvious. I mean I’m a soulless, apathetic, vicious, imbecilic,savage negro so of course I’m a moron. To hell with being smart and gentle. To hell with trying to obtain an education.I should act like my primitive negro self, and attack every white person I see.

  39. imdamanwithdaanswers:

    Lol moron.

  40. tcpwrap:

    I didn’t cry but it sure was a surprise. The expressions in the face where pretty wrenching.

  41. XafallenheroX:

    sounds like his dad, martin sheen.

  42. Wubble33idiot:

    very smart gorilla! but very sad at the same time.

  43. smileluver10111:

    Koko needs a new kitty. This vid made me want to cry

  44. brien1233:


  45. jae973:

    if i was that lady i would have been scared that ‘Koko’ would have kicked my ass for delivering the bad new lol

  46. joua7yaj:

    I cried T^T

  47. idis1abad:

    Oh I almost forgot I gotta go rape me sum white wumminz because I’m black and stupid..thanks for reminding me

  48. TheIceQueenKellz:

    aww this gorilla was such a good mommy to that cat its so sad the cat died! 🙁

  49. Marinoninewb:

    SHAME ON YOU!…for making laugh so hard.

  50. thefunnyferryfox: