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22 комментария на “SHOW OFF”

  1. danny9880:

    I hear 2NE1 song!! Can’t nobody. 1:10-1:36

  2. jayeshmistry93:

    Did i say he was working on his calves?…..I said it cause you could see his calves..and that’s the first thing people notice on a bodybuilder….quads are easy to build….calves are slow twitch muscle groups which are way difficult to build.. You get respect for having strong calves!….shows the effort put in the gym…just saying
    Peace bro:)

  3. MrSexyTuan:

    that doesn’t work out your calves lol it yours quads and on that machine you’re suppose to do it fast for maximum performance. He was trying to show off

  4. jayeshmistry93:

    For a lean bodybuilder….Jesse’s got strong calves!

  5. ion5061:

    lol show off but you lock your legs. lmao…

  6. za1pp:

    Pussy weight with 1/4 range of motion lol


    then you deserve to get the shit beat out of you

  8. rax188:

    @godsizehole hahahahahah thats hilarious!

  9. jayhwang17:

    fuck that go squat

  10. MNflysociety:

    If that was my girl telling me to not hurt my self and that I’m just showing off…I’d get up and hit her. Then go back to lifting. Bitch shut the fuck up for real

  11. AmberRose19922011:

    they just opend some mail ,but they said they didnt now when they where going to upload it.

  12. skaterkason:

    5:35 damn

  13. welshbeef3:

    legs! reps of 15/20 for building muscle theyre endurance muscles 🙂

  14. greenbitch421:

    2:00 shes stalking them.

  15. greenbitch421:

    all the way down bitch, stop tryin to show.

  16. BloodyBo50:

    : today i hit the gym and i was actually doing legs !! it was a whole goddamn 180 KG pretty heavy saaaaaaann !!

  17. michaelherron10:

    you’re not going low enough on that leg press saaaann!!!

  18. Bbfromthehood69:

    I can only do 420lbs but I guess it’s half decent cause I’m only 16

  19. KindaGoodFilms:

    «Cmonnn mann, dis iz fuckeddup» -Ny hahaha

  20. bluelimabeanmachine:

    waittt.. where are the mail vlogsssss? ):

  21. bluelimabeanmachine:

    2NE1 !!!!! <3333 Jesse has a weird muscle.....

  22. oldzkoolsolja:

    how about u try gettin in the bucket and quit with those half assed squats