Intelligent Dog


Strange things were happening at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home when dogs were found wondering free in the night. They fitted CCTV and they found the culprit, a lurcher dog
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22 комментария на “Intelligent Dog”

  1. 1Nayla1:

    haha too funny he ONLY lets his buddies out.

  2. dano7411:

    I have a German Shepherd. I was gonna crate train him when he was a puppy. He kept getting out. I finally found out how, he would turn sideways, and walk his cage end over end until the door popped open. I figure okay, you win, no cage for you. He sleeps on the bed. You gotta let have their victories too.

  3. jingye88:

    I LOVE dogs!

  4. SaleekJay:

    Did they warn his new owners?

  5. moortje1991:

    Indeed an intelligent dog.

  6. jolovesam27:

    what an intelligent dog haha i must have one

  7. dangercats77:

    lolz, this happened 2 me, when our 2nd dog Indy was just a puppy he kept opening the door by himself. my parents would not believe me when this happened, believing that i had just not closed the door to his crate properly. however, one time when my mother had closed the door because she believed she could not trust me any longer she heard a noise as she was going down the stairs, she came back up stairs, opened the door & there was Indy. turns out he had used his weight to go through the bottom

  8. JonyQuantum:

    If I was imprison too, I’d fool my masters at night by opening the primitive doors and free my friends. Some dogs are amazingly wise. They probably dream of freedom, I would.

  9. georgebaggy:

    That’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever read

  10. celeryg66:

    that is hilarious

  11. scootosan:

    bow wow zippy yo zippy yay

  12. Beatnikzombie:

    Mine is so lazy and stupid that she wouldn’t get out if another dog let her out. But she’s beautiful and sweet.

  13. wnesbitt1:

    Well, they’re usually too lazy to work things out! I have a fab greyhound — retired racer. But he wouldn’t have the patience to do this, or think about the other dogs.

  14. n2wishinn:

    People who prey on the vulnerable deserve life in a cage. I grew up in Ohio-that’s why I know about it. I live in Carson City Nevada now where I specialize in akita rescue. 🙂 Bless your heart!

  15. holmsatlarge:

    What a dog!!!!!

  16. TheGeduramah:

    @YY4Me133 better than these dogs being on the street where they could be harmed by cars or sick people wanting to hurt animals. They will get walked reguarly and they have a field to roam in during the day. You have a point but this is the lesser of 2 evils. I got my last dog from my local shelter and would encourage everyone to do the same.

  17. aerten13:

    I love Red so much. He’s smart and rascal enough to win my heart. I’m so glad he found a home and I wish they will love him forever. He will bring his owners a lot of happiness and I hope they do the same for him.

  18. synthpop88:

    Brits love their CCTV 🙂

  19. YY4Me133:

    Those poor dogs. It’s like they’re in prison. Dogs, like humans, are social animals. If they get along, and it seems that many of them do, they shouldn’t be isolated in separate cells. It looks like at least two dogs were housed together. All of the dogs that get along should be allowed to share a space. That’s the least that could be done for them since they’re there through no fault of their own.

  20. Beatnikzombie:

    Amazingly intelligent greyhound. Usually they are really stupid.

  21. dunsu1:

    Too funny….what a dog!

  22. ilovejanelle:

    Smart doggie glad he was adopted:)