Basic English Grammar — MOST, ALMOST, or ALMOST ALL?

- Most, almost, or almost all? In this English lesson for beginners, we examine a common mistake students make. Do ‘almost all’ and ‘most’ mean the same thing? «Almost cats like birds», «almost all cats like birds», or «most cats like birds»? What is the difference? Almost all of you will get something from this lesson.
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    Emma u r so beautiful! 🙂

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    افضل معلم للغة الانجليزية اراه في حياتي

  3. terra67ful:

    Ups!!! sorry sorry late is a adjctive nom I know.

  4. terra67ful:

    excuse-me but i think that late is a adverbe of time et no adjctive. I’m wrong?????
    thanks for all these lessons. I love your lessons.

  5. thexperteye:

    Thanks for the lesson. I have a question though. When do we use (of) with most? I mean is it correct to say: most of the students procrastinate!!

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    very good explaining

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    You would say «We were» if it is you and at least one other individual.
    For only you, you would say, «I was»

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    very good thank you

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    Hello there teacher, can you plz answer me to this ? if I ask you , where were you last nite night ? what would your answer be ? would it be I were i or was ? waiting 4 your answer thanx ,

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    Thank you. I´ve learnt a little English with some tapes at home, but I know a little grammar know.


    Many, many thanks.

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