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25 комментариев на “CRAZY HALLOWEEN PARTY! — BFVSGF”

  1. TheYotuberZ:

    Jeana wear the costume until she looks so hot.

  2. DaLeadBull:

    Jeana is so damn cute, I can’t stand it!

  3. ZenixRulez:

    I unsubscribed… TO SUBSCRIBE AGAIN! You guys are AWESOME!

  4. SephirotHeRe:

    dont fall for what?

  5. NicoleAlexandria92:

    why? when shes dressed like that i love these guys to death but come on be real. this is the internet ppl are gonna say what they wanna say and shes very sexy and she knows it. i bet shes expecting these comments at the same time there are young immature kids on here so maybe they need to be told how to act but by their parents cuz its not my responsibility nor is it yours. no disrespect to you that just how i feel.

  6. OriginaLxMix:

    my fav costum is freddie crewiger,deadmau5

  7. OriginaLxMix:

    lol im comment numb. # 1,589

  8. sethsecks:

    Love my iPhone 4S. Can’t get enough of Siri. Mine is jailbroken, it’s even better. I saw this dude who posts really cool videos on YouTube about tweaks and stuff. Check him out!  Him Username is iHamzaDev. Search him up and give him props! PVP SAAAAANNN!

  9. pieorbooby1:

    i saw a santa costume near the end. lol

  10. fuzk562:

    9:33 — 9:35 Lmfao !
    And Dog Smelling Cats But >.<

  11. iHatePancakeszPVP:

    Lmaoo i saw a penis once at holloween
    I said HA ! WAT A DICK ! Lmaoo

  12. 97neonlights:


  13. nhokmakuro10:


  14. m444rkus:

    that yellow box helmet is from the spongebob guy from LMFAO-everyday im shufflin video clip

  15. Sasukekun19:

    iHop has the best bacon in Cali, for my opinion, you guys should go there next time (:

  16. Sasukekun19:

    Jeana…): you’re making me sad not knowing who those characters are.1:05 Jack Skeleton from Nightmare Before Christmas, 1:18 Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from Alice and Wonderland, 3:14 The Box Man from LMFAO, and the pizza in Cali is delicious D: go to Pizza Hut!! They are the best! 4:15 Tron and if I find anymore I shall point it out. Also this reminds me of the anime conventions (:

  17. b1191999h:

    I like the cat costume the best its so hot!

  18. MrCrunchDaughter:

    It’s not party rock , box man.

  19. 01230145678901:

    3:12 It boxMan


    xD jeana looks like a slut i should fuck her again

  21. justinsgirl32456:

    I liked the penis. And jesse’s costume

  22. 11sunshinebaby:

    Next to the boobage was that a condom?

  23. kasim442:

    its party rock not box head

  24. SupercinemaStudio:

    JESSE NEXT YEAR!!! ITS 2012 NOW!!!!!

  25. SupercinemaStudio: