Zelda Skyward Sword Walkthrough — Rescue the Cat (Part 2)


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  1. wolfgirl362017:

    by the way your videos on twilight princess help me out so I like to say thanks

  2. MarkeithXD:


  3. lilsorcha:


  4. MarkeithXD:

    no man , no. just no. half of the videos on youtube are 360p

  5. conker156:

    We meet again 360p…

  6. wikigameguides:

    yay explicitd

  7. FrinklyTinkly:

    OH YEAH! A walkthrough from EXPLICIT D of the new Zelda Game!!! 😀 I love your gameplay, you helped me a lot with TP 😀 THANKS SO MUCH!

  8. akivalevipollack:

    i loved ur TP walkthru and im sure this one will be awesome 2

  9. Umbree61:

    I’ll never see that cat in the same way =-=»»’ Yes I was of those suckers, who inwardly was like «aww your so cute, weird, but cute~» until that night’  where it was like Wt* your one messed up furball.

  10. bickbenedict1111:

    I could tell Dan likes playing Zelda. Good job making the video!

  11. TheLinkmaster12345:

    «Explicit D»?? Yooo man wats up? dude, I LOVED your TP walkthrough. it was absolutely amazing! Im glad you cared to sign up for the newest Zelda installment. Props bro

  12. timelincan:

    yeah you do

  13. bladeOf3:

    Do you have to have the Wii motion plus to play?

  14. dudettam:

    I’m surprised you remember how to breath.

  15. ProgectG:

    It took me 1 minute to decide that this art style is remarkably similar to the Kingdom Hearts series.

  16. zdpyo1:

    is this for nintendo 64?

  17. KZN02:

    0:05 — Window Loftwing is watching you sleep.

  18. LopNut:

    @KidVisualx3x I DO!!! ohwait… no i dont…

  19. Salfur2312:

    I loved Zelda twilight princess! and i REALLY want zelda skyward sword!!

  20. firefireg:

    first view and comment