Cat Stevens «Wild World»


BBC TV Alun Davies-guitar Larry Steele-bass.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 комментариев на “Cat Stevens «Wild World»”

  1. MrOorwullie:

    Cant hide quality,thanks.

  2. westlondoncat:

    such a sweet thing to say 🙂 — very true

  3. Pece17:

    What a beatiful song.

  4. CarlaMBHMaio:

    One of favorites , fantastic , will be remembered for many years !!!!

  5. MrMRMatthewMateo:

    This is an amazing video and a passionate rendition of his song. Thanks for posting

  6. tomwmloppe:


  7. endlesssummerlc:

    Love Cat Stevens. All of his music. What an amazing talent.

  8. papaluate:

    I dedicated this song to my daughter N V P I think is a great song with a greater message. Still for you NAN!!!!!!

  9. jengreg69:

    I wanted to say that he is amazing but he is so much more than that that there are no words for how spectacular he is!!

  10. losebase:

    he’s gor-geous!!!

  11. ladyjane2001us:

    OMG. I just love how men looked at that time: with beard and long hair, like how Kurt Russel looked in the «The thing» movie.

  12. 09675109:

    My brother recently posted a video of this same terrific Cat Stevens song. It’s above at 09675109, if interested. His name is Matthew Moore and his original material will be posting soon. Thank you.

  13. TheEnigma7111:

    wat a song….goosebumps

  14. webmail111:

    here’s just a wild shot in the dark.

    does anyone remember the graffiti «Cat Stevens» taking up most of
    the outside of a bathroom building’s wall at Sullivan’s Oval Park in Yonkers NY? must have been late 60’s or early 70’s.

    didn’t know who he was at the time, but the name ‘Cat’ must have made an impression on me.

  15. Spungaa:

    I love this song!!!

  16. fallingpearl:

    God i love you cat — yusuf you rock my world.
    so much truth in all of your music.

  17. jpmorrison71:

    Just a beautiful song written by a man with a beautiful soul. ♫

  18. FressMir:

    Awesome lyric …from Lima- Perú

  19. tiaribari:

    yeah cat 🙂 love from münster germany

  20. pepitapepino:

    Car,you are one of the bes and you always will have a little space in my heart.

  21. aparecidolelis:

    Greta song, great Cat Stevens!!!
    Thanks for posting this masterpiece!! 5 stars…….

  22. tvx101com:

    I love you Cat Steven, I like your new name Yousef Islam

  23. santoriniification:

    love from Ecuador !!!! south america ……

  24. karkiyamet:

    love from Turkey!

  25. trichonosis:

    Oh, how we missed you, Cat/Yusuf. No matter what name you take, you have been so loved for so long, by so many, for the beauty of your talent and the good in your heart. Glad to have you back. Thank you for your music and the light you bring to the world.

  26. DigitalAuroraTV:

    i really dont get it… this is not, you suck at photoshop.. there is no photoshop?!

  27. AppleJavksisAwesome:

    Omg I getit! Donnys the creator of pplburg. Thats why he had the power to make everyone go pffline in one of the episodes!

  28. modeseven777:

    O — O He’s been reincarnated as a CAT?!

  29. IamHexxorz:

    No it’s not…. -_-at least spell his name right before you wrongly guess.

  30. zawol17:

    «The Ring of Inifinite Sorrows» Please tell me I’m not the only one that got that?

  31. chihuahuabot:

    DONNIE! x3

  32. Rozalie14:

    Omg its DONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. LollipopsFeelinLucky:


  34. CoNiLa2:

    when thoughtthey couldnt top ysap there you two go again and create this
    hillariously funny also i love ponies hahahah

  35. ludvig218:

    is that dayn?

  36. PokeBleachProduction:

    A-and then they kept making me touch other PPs…

  37. fantasticskwerl:

    Fuzzy dropums…heehee!

  38. ShareYourUnderwear:

    «Y-you wanna kn-know what the secret to Peoplesburg is? Well s-strap on your stupid and let’s get at it.»

    Good ol’ Donnie 🙂

  39. cocoman2121:

    «Don’t make your PP look so surprised.» LOL

  40. killermoose99:

    OMG…Donnie!!!…I like the Donnies story with You Suck at Photoshop and now that he has dissapeared, he’s hiding in People Burg as a cat…

  41. jddaman1337:

    Don’t make your PP look so suprised.

  42. AizenHasCandy:

    «they keep making me touching pepe’s man!» i rofled so hard!!

  43. syalas1:

    LOL! theres just random people in comas

  44. SteevDragon67:

    geez! what kind of pussy ass game did sn4buckler get involved in?

  45. FalzarGregar:

    EPISODE 5 >:(

  46. AznLiishii123:


  47. CandyColors193:

    It’s Bridget Jones

  48. FistFullOfDavid:

    wheres #5??!

  49. CheznoWilliams:

    Yes it is from «You suck at photoshop.» This is Sn4tchbuckl3er, the guy who kept trying to talk to Donnie.