Very Pretty White Cat


Video Rating: 4 / 5

A 2-month kitten meddles in a 3-year-old cat.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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32 комментария на “Very Pretty White Cat”

  1. txemata1:

    I got one equal, but only two months old,,I love her very much. She always sleep on my bed.

  2. Osuitea:

    Black cats are pretty.

  3. melissa88887:

    I have a white cat too! She is a baby and she has blue eyes!

  4. ggarrrbaggeeGIRL:

    uffff is so beautiful!!! *-*

  5. Amy1993paws:

    Me me me! Give her to me! :L

  6. bomapdich:

    when it comes to cat , i would prefer a female ( don’t know why )

  7. mscris2805:

    ti linduuu

  8. jaimecakes2207:

    Looks just like my white kitty!! Adorable!!

  9. Zhiadarkshade:

    That cat is so pretty! Thumbs up if you agree!

  10. orientasmaniandevil:

    omg such a beautiful lil ladywhite cat!i also have a whole white cat unfortenately shes born deaf which is very common with white cats they miss a certain gene but shes a kick ass cool kittie and also got a long fluffy fur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats her name btw?=)greetings all the way from a snowy Sweden………………………..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. thejackal007:

    I always thought cats are at their cutest when they play.

  12. MultiCathy1:

    Haha, I’d call this vid «All is white!», the white cat, the white box, the white toy…:))

  13. flossiekat:

    Lovely Lady. . . Can I have her??? 🙂

  14. ColouRaya:


  15. goldeneyesofafrica:

    What a beautiful cat! Gorgeous!

  16. saburo25250:

    She is 5 years old.

  17. TheGregEgg:

    How old is he/she?

  18. jupiknight:

    lol What are you holding?..

  19. HawkMcBlade:

    Awwww~ So cute!

  20. zerg1hydralisk:

    Lol no because people are racist towards black cats. ^^

  21. in2universe:

    would it have been as pretty if it was black? … just saying 😛

  22. sabrinastar2005:

    pretty kitty

  23. CrunchyLips0:

    02:03 XD

  24. firecat6232:

    He is a VERY handsome boy! And his eye color is awesome!

  25. saburo25250:

    Thank you for comment. I uploaded a new video in answer to your expectation.

  26. ryudragon7:

    «makes fun of»? The kitten is obviously trying to play with the big cat, not make fun of the big cat.

  27. CatomagneticSpectrum:

    Both of them are very sweet ^.^

  28. utahactor:


  29. Osuitea:

    Babysitting sucks,re treats.

  30. anallkllklk:

    So cute!! Ur cat the older one, looks like the oldest cat I have Milani. She never liked the kitten I got, kinda just sat there and stared lol like ur cat. Till this day they don’t like eachother, don’t fight, just stay away from eachother lol

  31. LPetal86:

    LOL, that cat’s face throughout the whole thing: «This is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening…»

  32. Kainosielu:

    The big cat is kind of stupid, but cute.