The Majestic Lion (original narration by Randall)


***GET ONE OF RANDALL’S AUTHENTIC HONEY BADGER TEES RIGHT NOW, STUPID!!! ONLY HERE: *** VISIT: *FOR MORE OF RANDALL’S ANIMALS!!! The Lion is the king of the animal kingdom: with a roar heard up to five miles away and a great big bushy mane, lions rule all! To learn more about the Lion, please visit:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 комментария на “The Majestic Lion (original narration by Randall)”

  1. eggzeck:

    «get out of the tree stupid» LOL

  2. djgrannynannny:

    U know wat!! HONRY BADGER dont give a shit??

  3. MrLigerSTRYKE:

    I don’t know what to do better fall asleep.

  4. 01gypsea:

    ur so freakin funny

  5. xheather92:

    Northwest India isn’t a continent, lol

  6. GirFan219:

    all it took was the first word xD im dying

  7. ElfenLied4844:

    theyre confused.. they dont know what to make of it…So they fall asleep

  8. lisamall45:

    Get out of the tree stupid
    Cub abuse

  9. Oecologeae:

    I wish I could go to the zoo with you so you could narrate the entire day

  10. kingkurry:

    Give Randall a Show, quick!!

  11. TheStalkerJustKiddin:

    the first animal u see besides the lion was a genet XD

  12. MultiJC1999:

    Honey badger still dont give a shit.

  13. NightshadeScouts:

    There’s not doubt about it stupid, lions may be badass, but honey badger don’t give a shit.

  14. AwesomeLoserTable1tv:

    Lions are big?
    Honey Badger is badass they dont give a shit!

  15. chrisiscrazy781:

     this guy needs tp be my science teacher

  16. FireWater2323:

    who else is thinking of Narnia? 😀

  17. chicdeedee3:

    ROAR!!!!!! hilarious

  18. hungergamesaddict764:

    The males have really awesome manes? Honey badger doesn’t give a shit!

  19. LilMissRedneckRebel:

    look at that, what is tha… that’s not a lion

  20. hermine23ls:

    cub abuse! :l

  21. keshacool101:

    ikr!! me 2!! xD

  22. Luciusdeatheater:

    «roooooarrrrr» 2 seconds in and I nearly died laughing…

  23. AntonioTheLegoDude5:

    Nothing compares to the lion they say?
    Honey Badger don’t give a shit.

  24. 79Louise:

    Such beautiful animals lions are. 🙂