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25 комментариев на “INTIMIDATION”

  1. darthsazquatch:

    Shit never gets old

  2. soldier660:

    you are just pushing back the cat face XD !!!

  3. kamatayanx:


  4. erikosius:


  5. Vladimir1998god:

    Кто от Гагатуна палец вверх !

  6. Thegoldenbullet243:

    0:18 My reaction to boobs

  7. thesketchest:


  8. skoowy:

    This is my favorite of all ALL CAPS!!!!

  9. TheRaellz:

    I almost forgot to watch this today.

  10. TheRaellz:

    hurr durr… he never threw the cat genius..

  11. unit731gamer:

    toronto sucks ?????? are u crazy ????

  12. TheRjenglish:

    cause i said

  13. TheRjenglish:

    epic.. however not perfect.. but still epic i like where your going sir.

    if i met you in real life i would ask to join your cause

  14. ImCheesyAndIKnowIt:

    The end was so pointless!

  15. martinsch:

    *spanish words*

  16. ModelTXInfAmY:

    @DigitomProduction What was the music?

  17. ModelTXInfAmY:

    No it doesn’t… IT’S AWESOME…. I live in Australia and have never been there though so maybe it does…

  18. MicroCraftStudios:

    I think your cat jizzed in his non-existent pants.

  19. MrFallout300:


  20. MrDubstepchicken:


  21. damemand1:

    Toronto suck? 多倫多吮吸=Toronto suck 😀

  22. Tplayer47:


  23. RooRealm:

    Lol? «suck» needs to be plural.

  24. bloodsuckern:

    no it doesn’t

  25. RetardinHarvard:

    toronto sucks?