Bajheera — Season 10 3v3 Arena — Kitty Cleave with Sacredheals & Arthero!:D #4


Some nice matches we had, along with Skype commentary and some tips!:D Unfortunately this will be our last video with Arthero since he transferred to Illidan 🙁
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Bajheera — Season 10 3v3 Arena — Kitty Cleave with Sacredheals & Arthero!:D #4”

  1. Forsakenworldkenny:

    omg, chrome sucks, Every time i fullscreen a few minutes passes, my computer gets stuck on ONE sound and keeps repeating it, computer becomes responsive, and youtube says: «An error has occured. Please try again later.» I am like BS!

  2. deadm4u:

    I just want to ask 1 thing, what name u guys use, so if i see u guys in arena i just leave and dont watch my kill in youtube XD

  3. clonetim:

    for fellow warriors this ones for you!!!! mage dies in 5 seconds

  4. wesclev83:

    I was just an in a 2v2 arena against Arthero and won. The guy was overlapping his CC’s, and playing rather badly. Wtf is up with that?

  5. digges90:

    can u and the holy paladin do some 2v2 im trying it out with my friend a holy paladin and its not going so well :p

  6. digges90:

    great video, im subscribing would liek to see ur macro and ui… imma try to go 2200 with my warrior soon and that should help me ur focus target charge etc… seems like that helps alot :p

  7. iTzTrAx1:


  8. runel0rdg0d:

    GREAT vid man…KEEP EM COMIN’! =D

  9. Volkom01:

    Bad ass videos like always. Captions were ok.

  10. SandCSS:

    why did arthero transfer :s? and what server did he transfer to?=

  11. BoxShotzRS:

    Arthero took all the gold from our guild bank then transferred apparently. Nice. Love your vids Bahjeera.

  12. cornholeftw:

    loved it!

  13. dontuenvyme:

    good luck to ya!

  14. wongkeiwkit:

    Great arena video..good job…keep making another

  15. Zonwe87:

    Great battles 😀

  16. Georgizr:

    lol that shaman and x2 warlocks are insane !

  17. iRey360:

    Haha this was probably the arena video I enjoyed most so far 😀

  18. Okaydaddy:

    @BajheeraWoW You should hire Cartoonz for the third ;D

  19. MrFatator:

    Nice vid)

  20. BloodTheBrit05318:

    Hey buddy, FEAR!

    Mortal Strike.

    Oh Bajjykins… 😉

  21. MrBrooksie420:

    haha that last one was the best, you guys were actually scared. 🙂 love the tips with skype. keep up the good work bajh

  22. w4lyfb:

    GOD thankyou, that was entertaining =D

  23. JeeRaph:

    That double lock team is bad ass.

  24. DeeplyMauritius2011:

    love this, Baj. One of the best arena vids you’ve made — nice skype banter, good matches, lulzy and informative captions 🙂 Awesomesauce!

  25. BajheeraWoW:

    I did!:D And I did again since making this video haha 😀