Bajheera — 3v3 as Kitty Cleave :) ft. Feelincute and Mightypallyz! :D


A few fun games as Kitty Cleave from the stream 🙂 Some wins, a few losses, and a good time in general 🙂 — Recorded live on —
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Remember to leave a like, or the cats will find you. Ze and I play this crazy game. Ze’s Channel: Store page:

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50 комментариев на “Bajheera — 3v3 as Kitty Cleave :) ft. Feelincute and Mightypallyz! :D”

  1. kodykrunk:

    feelincute is so trash.

  2. sibisk:

    it absorbs the first attack

  3. sibisk:

    04:31 the enhancement shaman resses :O

  4. josephpollak19:

    What does intervening in the start do? does it get him in combat? or does it break sap?

  5. PaynekillerJim:

    dragons breath is a stun no?

  6. fenderftw70:

    Baj…Jenny….i love the fuck outta you both…but dont dare disrespect pizza ever again

  7. pureownage90:

    To bajheera when i got WoW i was addicted i gained weight and everything in the summer Christmas break i was given WoW for 2 Christmas’s ago Im only 14 turning 15 in a couple months but you working out made me do it and i got more self confidence im getting a job from my dad i will work with him and play WoW soon and im positive ill keep up with school and everything to become a future gamer…..long story short you changed my life. (: highfive bro

  8. XXXEliteDeathXXX:

    Swifty > Cartoonz > Mercader…


    15:25 - 15:55 the dude on the eagle flying in circles HAHHA

    great vid!

  10. pylly999:

    What’s that addon about you see when your Trinket got change to do dmg ? sorry for my bad english reply please.

  11. MaxJrFTW:

    yeah probably thats why swifty makes more money than both of them together…

  12. darklord809:

    thought you’d be like YES! We won! *kisses her*

  13. StateofMindJscj:

    This makes me want to go back to wow….. almost

  14. Victorkshesek:

    not, it’s something like this: Klinda+Bajheera > Chuck Norris

  15. lele634:

    epic arena team name xD

  16. lele634:

    epic arena team name xD

  17. OriDestro:

    This is nice. I havent been able to make the streams lately so i can get some with these lol

  18. RundownKillah:

    U needed that big execute cuz u can’t crit over 9k lawlz in stream joke

  19. deniedjoo:

    omfg ur gf said good job babe what would i give to have a gf like urs lol she asked me what i was doing the other day and i told her me and the guys were symtexing she goes whats a symtex *facedesk* wants me to go shopp[ing later *puts gun to head*

  20. TGoD304:

    Baj do me a favor. Being a fellow Warrior, I would like you to go run 2s WITHOUT a healer and see how well you do or give me tips. if you get beat on like I do I can show dumbasses who talk shit that Warriors are extremely terrible without a healer. Praying for a Buff

  21. 6Larinro9:

    What addon do you use for your damage? I like the way it looks

  22. ZarkilWarrior:

    do baj date jenny ? :O when are they going to make mini bajhennies 😀

  23. TheMrMichaelC:

    Baj, dont know if you have realised yet but around 20 mins in when you open your guild tab, you display your vent details… get on a change the password asap ^.^

  24. TheAssgas:

    sweet win against dardre

  25. Priftir:

    «You’re a gladiator at heart i believe in you» ~ your pally is pretty nice

  26. 100legobrick100:

    is it me,or did one of the people screaming sound like doc from redvsblue?

  27. rewindfrog:

    I kept hearing your cats and thinking it was mine..

  28. hypnotistchicken:

    1337th like hell yeah

  29. Codcraft187:

    No, but this game is for download on the XBLA [Xbox live arcade]

  30. ReaperP13:

    no this game is on 360 as well as steam, he was correcting someone who told someone else this game was pc only

  31. XxAwSoMeDuDe11xX:

    steam is on 360?

  32. Sluttlymcbuttsex:

    what do the buildings on the far right do?

  33. blackoutbats:

    I really hate ze`s laugh

  34. clamchowder138:

    5:29 look where the cursor is…

  35. clamchowder138:

    It’s funny because you’re probably wrong.

  36. JacobSimcoe:

    what happened to the game in the last episode

  37. thatonekidyouknow9:

    l’aquila also means «the eagle» in Italian. 

  38. JacobSimcoe:

    OMG when i saw story mode i had a heart attack

  39. Codcraft187:

    Well, the game transferred to the 360 and possibly PSN

  40. brea1199:

    later in one of the videos Kootra says «What!?! I hit a, i mean the jump button. Uh, space.» I think it might of been in the singleplayer.

  41. Jacksondom76:

    they play on steam

  42. Chocol4teMilk17:

    thans for telling me bro

  43. Codcraft187:

    Yes, it’s an arcade game for download

  44. Chocol4teMilk17:

    @Codcraft187 @brea1199 so guys i don’t get it is it on xbox 360 or not???

  45. Codcraft187:

    No, its on the 360

  46. Codcraft187:

    No, its on Xbox

  47. ilikechickenXDmore:

    ok people stop thumbing up the comments about top comment becase a lot of other people want to see that comment is.

  48. Chocol4teMilk17:


  49. brea1199:

    It is on pc but you might be able to use a controller.

  50. Chocol4teMilk17:

    is this game in xbox??? please reply plzz