Cat Saves Child From Mom


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25 комментариев на “Cat Saves Child From Mom”

  1. infinitypalkia:

    The cat was like Y U NO GIMME MILK!

  2. Kenneth Long:

    Thata kid

  3. LilOhhMee:

    why is there a camera in the living room ceiling?

  4. therealy2g2011:

    The kid was probably crying.

  5. aR3DF0Xa:

    handling it meaning ; «if said cat tries that shit ill rip it in half»» kind of thing

  6. aR3DF0Xa:

    if that was my house wed be havin deep fried cat wings for dinner

  7. AllyAbsinthe:

    Oh, aren’t you wonderful.

  8. Alexis Peoples:

    wtf was the cat saving the baby from ? uhh i wouldve spartan kicked that cat so dayum hard til it was dead .. like what dafuq !

  9. jrtimes6:

    1:04 i’m thinking the same thing!

  10. samysam1994:

    will luv to have such a brave cat! 😀

  11. laexclusivavj:

    so funny


  12. tylerisclutch:

    lol… silly woman… scared of a cat? If that would have happened to the father that cat would have probably learned his lesson.

  13. AnnaLee4Ever:

    cat’s are not stupid….he just felt threatened somehow prolly.

  14. meloniesghost:


  15. Stereotypical Person:

    uh when was the kid in danger?

  16. MrCaboose404:

    What a stupid lady. If you don’t know how to properly handle your cat, you shouldn’t own one.

  17. Eyþór Trausti Bjarnason:

    man if you take a cat up when it is angry you get little scars, and the wound burns for few min.

  18. gwallace12664:

    Hah that’s funny coming from someone who’s sentence is so full of incompetence it astounds me. Go fuck yourself loser.


    grab the cusion and tell the cat that your the mummy in this house lol

  20. DJELE91:

    cats just dont give a fuck, they will snap all your shit up

  21. richie1982what:

    yea eh/./….wtf ??lol 

  22. cwbyfan88:

    Now thats one «pussy» that would’ve gotten pounded literally no pun lol

  23. cwbyfan88:

    now thats one «pussy» that wouldve gotten pounded no pun

  24. Neko Ellen Cornish:

    its a cat -.- take a bat and hit him until he sits quietly in his mat 😛

  25. o0xiahness0o:

    I can’t stop watching this!!! So funny 😀 …I don’t know if its the music or the fact that the other cat tries to interfere or maybe even the fact that the mom runs away from the cat..but damn, Ican’t stop laughing