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Yes, that is sp00n’s face.
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49 комментариев на “HOLY SMOKES”

  1. BritishLevel:

    Hey guys! We’re 2 Students making funny and daring videos!

    Please spend 30 seconds checking them out?

    Sorry for having to comment on this video, but we love to know what you think 🙂

    Thanks so much, have a great day! x

  2. kevobum:

    jess you look like those hard working white folks that smoke all the time and have tattoos

  3. shendritgashi:

    BOYKA !

  4. 64bonza:

    Jesse I mustache you a question ;)

  5. WarlordPro100:


  6. spore214:

    i do

  7. HarryNguyenify2503:


  8. TheBaconTaco21:

    r u kitten me? lol

  9. thedewsters:

    u look like one of those fortun tellers in a box when u wore the thursdays mustache

  10. xFoxxyJonx7:

    Nobody likes Toee Fuuu SAAN!

  11. thisismadilynn:

    doooooooo it

  12. MrEiei7:

    at 3 30 she said liked in a weird way haha it was funny

  13. memo13ish:

    tie a knot on a rubber band with one hand

  14. makYOUsuffer:

    They have a WaWa we have a Sheetz lol

  15. makYOUsuffer:

    Dang i was egerly waiting on hi m to turn the water on lol.

  16. ImitateTheBestQueen:

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  17. UNM117:

    Nylah SAAAAN!

  18. pirospipacs:

    Thaa Bossss!!!::DDDD

  19. Bellaboo123ROBLOX:


  20. awesome10cool:

    I’m diking the same tea at 7:19 right now.

  21. 2009liamj:

    i thought it ment my mum vs your mum 0_0

  22. ShadedZye:

    My Mail Vs Your Mail
    Fan Mail and see who gets better things?
    Like this so they see it

  23. brittanybitch6693:

    Lol its actually written as 7 eleven.Its a Service station.Where you get petrol and inside is like a mini supermarket lol.Theyre heaps big in Sydney.Im not sure about anywere else tho so maybe you dont have it.Im from Newcastle which is 2 hours from Sydney and we have some.Theyre run by Indians actually.

  24. Hideyo27:

    Show us that commitment to health and do a 30-day vegan challenge!!! The china study, physicians committee for responsible medicine, dr campbell, dr neal barnard, dr esselstyn, forks over knives.

  25. MzzDebbie:

    Nylah NEEEDS her nails trimmed

  26. bigrockgiant:

    anyone shit their pants at 0:45

  27. donny1782:

    that’s a bro

  28. 21centurymagic:

    Anybody else clench their butt cheeks?

  29. shirleyyong1:


  30. Dstryr00:

    Most likely the most terrifying game ever made.

  31. awesomesauce7777:

    Fuck Amnesia ;_;

  32. MegaGadgetz4:

    That made me jump that thing was fast ahhhhh 🙂

  33. Maxminiman12:

    Damn that Is fucking scary

  34. gmjericho:


  35. DOINURMOM1999:

    He didn’t fucking ask for me to get subscribers, I was just suggesting it. He just won 7 grand. For king of the Web. And it’s not like he needs more.

  36. TRSRM:

    I don’t know who pewdiepie is, but if that’s the way he/she gets subscribers, views, I’m definitely going to avoid him/her. Thanks for the warning.

  37. DOINURMOM1999:


  38. justartistic:

    your obviously the mad one you sad little child.

  39. DOINURMOM1999:

    xD You mad bro?

  40. justartistic:

    Hahaha, you really are a little PewDiePie Fanboy arn’t you, little squeeky fuck, grow up you little dick clinging pussy.

  41. DOINURMOM1999:

    Fucking asshat.

  42. DOINURMOM1999:

    Dude did it look like I was hating on koots? I was just suggesting it. Besides kootra is one of my favorite creatures.

  43. zZClone120:

    of course it isn’t, Sp00n is a gurl

  44. ThePwnageDude56:

    Oh my fucking GOD, 0:44 made me jump off my chair…

  45. flapper zapper:

    pewdiepie made a video saying to ppl like to sftu and stop on other ppls channels, respect pewdie and the bros and plz…..stfu

  46. Turinog:

    I actually thumbed down. What a shocker.

  47. The890Gamer:

    this is like a hooer movie

  48. minecrafterL115:

    when are kootra and nova going ot finish Q.U.B.E?

  49. BubbleGuMPuppie:

    hah! :D