Hella Kitties — June 15th, 2011


INTRO MUSIC BY: Projected Twin www.YouTube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Hella Kitties — June 15th, 2011”

  1. TeddyBearHugs1100:

    5:35 — 6:00

    Ya gotta love it……the inner girl comming out right there.

  2. TeddyBearHugs1100:

    One of these days….that guy is gonna commit suicide….intentional or not…..probably unintentional 

  3. tongeli:

    why are they not allowed o the furniture :(((

  4. Gnasherman1997:

    am i the only one that notices that he hasn’t actually done ANY GAME REVIEWS

  5. MrToshino153:

    wow what a big bicep you have before you take a Gold gym challenge
    i can see the differences between this and that video.

  6. Flowermat22:

    Loki thinking* «But Poki doesn’t want to go in the bag.»

  7. ThaFiveCs:

    its a longboard silly goose :3

  8. MinecraftOkjonni:

    Stop video, still keeps going. WEEEEEEEEEEEIRD

  9. Mystiecub:


  10. cooli101:

    I made a song out of the Virus bit, ima post it as a video response to his most recent video

  11. arsnel366:

    this was my first dudelikehella vlog ^_^ ok I now can say that i started watching him on June 17th, 2011

  12. adencrocker:

    what if the cats don’t want to be told what to do?

  13. jillybean6:

    he’s called them Moo and Poki forever. they respond so thats what counts

  14. Scotty92031:

    » Dont worry they wont take your nuts….. they already have them.» LOL

  15. CrazyForPianosGirl:

    @ 7:39
    Sparta: Hellooo some kate time here, go away…

  16. chocobolvr832:

    I love you. Will you be my matesprit?

  17. TheHumpDays:

    Where can we see your pics? Like of your cats n stuff?? 🙂

  18. anders19287:

    no..! its a Virus!! i should wear condom!!! XD! lol

  19. Curragao:

    man you are Craaazy!!! :D

  20. 194smerf:

    Since when is the act’s name moo moo? It’s moths f***in SPARTA!

  21. geertzand:

    «Alright Poopoo, remember this box? Don’t worry, they are not going to take your nuts again, they are already gone.»

  22. SolidSoundwave:


  23. pippiblue18:

    8:15 moomoo the cat: wtf are you doing?

  24. pippiblue18:

    2:00 and he lets the cat out of the bag…

  25. pooperscooperforeva:

    kate can do a hella stair walk in the beggining of the vlog