Самые смешные коты и кошки!




Май 2012
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23 комм. на “SECOND CHRISTMAS”

  1. jerq887:

    4:37 but what if you just turn on your side? what will she do then?

  2. NcrFax:

    so cute! how she tries to sleep next to your head

  3. Boomheadshot471:

    Jeanna if you dont wanna be high stop smoking weed!!! :D

  4. annamariavandyk:

    oh that puppy is so adorable

  5. mags1526:

    Awe Nylah was so little

  6. krystal48471:

    either do u or u wouldnt be commenting on there videos saying they dont have a life…. when ur in front of a computer watching them

  7. HoffmannMoritz:

    PvPs don’t have a life.

  8. XeleMMentZZX12:

    Nylah probably likes that spot because she can feel your heartbeat.

  9. andrei laxa:

    U Need To Spoof Nyan cat…..

  10. quartermilecamel:

    You need to go purchase farm fresh eggs for a good fart. They have them at walmart here in ohio. Id guess they have them in your area

  11. alwayschai:

    its called cutest kitty ever

  12. sabeknowsbest:

    Someone direct me to the video of when they got Nylah please :)

  13. fangirlperez123:

    i <3 NYLAH

  14. RichofOlympus:

    Jesse, Nylah keeps sleeping on your chest/shoulder area because its close to your heart and kittens find a heartbeat very soothing. my cat did the same thing when she was a kitten too.

  15. 10decades:

    i wonder if they had twins, would they prank eachother?

  16. princesscoolify:

    boooooooooooo LITE A FART ON FIRE 

  17. MaisieIsSoCrazy:

    You guys have been togther 5 years isnt it? And youalredy still dont have a baby, Please have a baby Its will be a mini JESSE SAAN soon and a little JEANA ROCK soon pllzzzz have a baby. :)

  18. jerb3lotus:

    jeanna is a good cook

  19. janewiseman:

    you look so sexy with that beard. WAY better than the strap.

  20. Baby85Mama:

    what a cute little puppy!!! omg. he’s so cute.


    Wat song is this plz some1 answer

  22. Gettag05:


  23. atomdragon4: