BajheeraVlog — New Computer Soon! + TGN Thoughts + Kitty Cleave


Just sharing my morning thoughts:) BajheeraWoW’s webcam video June 6, 2011 09:11 AM
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25 комментариев на “BajheeraVlog — New Computer Soon! + TGN Thoughts + Kitty Cleave”

  1. ThemightyLulu:

    Oh how i remember waiting for your computer…the Nostalga

  2. MagicMOONeMoO:

    You are so handsome and… sweet!!! <3

  3. HouseOfWhispers:

    Make a video please of when you make your intire computer, it will be really good! Please and thank you!

  4. Airtop665:

    Keep pressing 3 xD ! its epic

  5. lmaoarandy:

    why dont you join machinima is way better then tgn , tgn doesnt have the experience plus their main directors are fucking douches

  6. SirSaged:

    Lmao same here bro, he is buying parts hopefully he does a video on him building it.

  7. kingateam2:

    r u gonna do like a build video? or r u buying a pre-built, cuz build videos are really cool to see, but im just a nerd like that

  8. an6310fd3ath:

    Don’t worry about hengest hes a shit feral druid who think’s he is actually good,he has never even been ATLEAST 2k rating,all he does is stage duels.

  9. RDHZAL:

    Hey Baj!! You shouldnt really care sooo much about your video quality, i mean it’s really reallyyy!! fine.. well im okay with it, i would like the quality to be better, i watch your videos for both tips and commentary, greatly combined 🙂
    <3 from Mars

  10. ifightalott:

    mate dont worry about what Hengest thinks, you videos are so much more entertaining 🙂

  11. RageHarderr:

    Torrents are your best friend.

  12. IranicusRift:

    I really am starting to hate Hengest, He thinks his shit doesn’t stink and its getting on my nerves lol

  13. LyrexSaurfang:

    Where is your Livestream channel?

  14. Forcaz88:

    Try the Vegas Movie studio.. it’s only like $45.. so alot cheaper than Vegas pro 10 Oo.
    Should do the trick for you.. did for me atleast =)

    DL the trial (30 days) version first though, to see if it’s any good for you. ^_^

    Oh and… keep dem videos coming.. love em =D

  15. GamerOfSkills:

    lol yeh sorta. Big eyelashes.

  16. blightstrike:

    Sony Vegas dosent cost anything at all but time to DL it,  🙂
    Same with Fraps

  17. Metrixxystem:

    get sony vegas then keygen it.

    bingo, you’ve just saved 4,000 bazillion dollars.

  18. lazyone224:

    aha i like that i’m getting a new computer around the same time as you. Buying parts this week and building it next week. I’m tried of playing on this laptop IT SUCKSSS. I have to put a fan under it so its doesn’t overheat and shut off on me and the lag always makes TB interesting ahaha anyways man i enjoy the vlogs and your wow vids are awesome as well! 🙂

  19. BenbanksTV:


  20. HomerXtazy:

    Hengest < Bajheera anyday 😛

  21. kc8841:

    I would be on this livestream every fucking night if it happened.

  22. lna1102:

    It looks like you’re wearing makeup lol

  23. iZaNiiTyHD:

    like this if u think hengest, bajheera, and towelliee should start doing 3s

  24. MercilessAssault:

    Have fun arenaing last night breh? lol

  25. BajheeraWoW:

    Seems like a reasonable thing to consider!:D