BajheeraCats — Griffin and Elliot — 2v2 Kitty Arena :3


This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Bella is trying to tell me something, but I’m not quite sure what. I think she wanted Zeus to play, but he was sleepy. Pweas Subscwibe /(^.^)\ And to her too…if ya wanna (my big sis Bella): check dis guy out: Pet Interviews — Guinea Pig (teaser) Talking Animals guinea pig teaser funny dog cat dogs cats pets add life appa american pet products association

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26 комментариев на “BajheeraCats — Griffin and Elliot — 2v2 Kitty Arena :3”

  1. crakersification:


  2. mrvido1:

    Gladiator Griffin arenas with commantary PLS

  3. supermon99:

    u shud griffle cleave with ur pet man, u cud hit 3k+ rating with a cat like that :DD

  4. herrgreenhorn:

    sehr schön

  5. 23Varned23:

    you’re cats are freakin awesome!!!

  6. joseph4043:

    those are some playful pussys

  7. TheRealRakuron:

    keep pressing 3 lol

  8. Abemunken:

    Griffles has a very high uptime on Berserk

  9. multacks:

    loved it

  10. supermagedk:

    Glad Griffs feral charge pounce ravaged that toy like A BOSS

  11. wrxjoe2:


  12. nick4637:

    lol 4:09=griffs skull bashed smelliots hard cast D:

  13. MrJackzor178:

    Bajheera Go clean your house ;P

  14. nusse51:


  15. sleiighte:

    god fucking hell these kitties are ninjas

  16. grandenius1337:

    That’s what i call a playfull cat 😛

  17. Vralik:

    HOLY SHIT!!! When Elliot came out I thought Gladiator Griffles had run round the lounge that fast…and I’m sitting here like WTF!!!! o_O

  18. Masterzachs:

    i am watching my cat die because my family cant afford to take her to the vet.. i hope she makes it through the night

  19. 187brokeNN:

    lol feral stuff bro <3

  20. jimmycrackcorn1981:

    lol look at the bottem middle of the thumbnail. hehehe

  21. boomshackalacka321:

    Feral charge to low cd

  22. Eivz0rThaGamez0r:

    Show us a workout session, or a naked livestream! Hell, i’d watch you sleep! No homo?

  23. RestoratoryGaming:

    pretty sure i was smiling the whole time

  24. DiViNEvReActZ:

    Bajheera has turned me into a cat person DAMNIT 😀

  25. NBTquizcope:

    is griffles a girl or boy?

  26. kiddycato:

    Awh! That is so cute!