Cat Scared of Mario jump (Кот Марио)


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25 комментариев на “Cat Scared of Mario jump (Кот Марио)”

  1. Coffeemancer:

    This is not what pets are for

  2. shadowjoker90:

    LOL XD

  3. MrEffenberg:


  4. Bentoer:

    It’s tail is so fuzzy.

  5. fewdji:

    Как вам удалось подключить кота к компу?

  6. kylieturnbough52498:

    Or he/she is possessed by Mario..

  7. duplechain86:


  8. xKrazyRainbow:

    I just shitted my pants O.o

  9. Rafael Seal:


  10. 123saule456abv:

    Еще один русский комент в топ ^_^

  11. nonix29:

    Best Thing EVAR!

  12. Алексей Алексеев:

    Русский комент в топ!!!!!!!!

  13. iluvhugs1000:

    Oh wow!!!! I think I’m dying I’m laughing so hard. Putting this away for when I need a pick me up

  14. Serendipity86UK:

    Brilliant! Made me laugh alot, so funny

  15. AngryGamerGirl:

    Im laughing so much that I cried watching this! <3

  16. Xaiano:

    faaaaaaaaaaaaake it is someone poking the carpet that scares the cat, not the noise

  17. Elizabeth Sena:

    ha ha ha lol

  18. Maxim Leshkovich:

    too much carpets.

  19. MisterBob1989:

    cat high as fuck, seeing sounds and shit.

  20. jjws:

    is it just me or is that cat’s tail huge

  21. Ryan Wolfram:

    I can’t breathe

  22. adrianloveslucius:

    That’s… not right.

  23. Darkfire889:

    Yup found it a week ago time to delete the comment so people stop telling me. At least people have not been dicks.

  24. MosesX8:

    If you look at the right side of the screen from 1:15 — 1:18, you can clearly see a string being pulled from under the carpet.

  25. toolchick101:

    Yeah, I’m thinking that the sound effects were overlayed at the end of the video.