кот и крыса


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  1. Tantfarbrorn:

    I got two cats and have had four rats. All four rats have chased the cats in the way shown in this funny movie. I think it is normal for rats to attack cats. Rats are very keen on their territory. I think, from my own experience that Cats are not the big rat killers. It is the dogs that are good rat hunters.

  2. KamilCraft47:

    Jednym słowem masakra…

  3. Sphynxino:



  4. João Victor Quirino:

    na união sovietica o rato ataca VOCE

  5. Anshot97:

    Ебать, бойная крыса!

  6. Avtomanyak1:

    я болел за кошку(

  7. Sergejs Kacanovskis:

    Она сейчас вас разгонит!!! ) Золотые слова! и разогнала бы!

  8. Marcos Gomes:

    this is a rat with Toxoplasmosis. this infection makes mice lose their fear for light and for cats. it’s an example on how viruses and infections can change the behavior of an animal, including us

  9. Влад - Митрич:

    This is Russia, baby.

  10. Stopo1987:

    Что за коты пошли, одна крыса всю стаю разогнала!

  11. loupixuk:

    looks a right dump where ever they are

  12. omar castle:

    ronnygtx presentes xD

  13. OoxAlejandroxoO:

    que clase de gatos son? gays?

  14. archon808:

    Now that is a big rat

  15. chernobyl1999:

    Храбрый крыса-кун…

  16. Karekamael:

    че тут так много английских коментов эй вы америкосы тупые разбежались вы

  17. Linkdarking1:

    Raticate use bite: It´s super effective!

  18. Tenken1984:

    Well done.

  19. tahoeskiier:

    Who are also from Eurasia

  20. rcplanestupid:

    There Russian you trailer trash racist

  21. tahoeskiier:

    Then the Asians eat the rat

  22. Volpeyo:

    jajajaja es muy bueno el video.

  23. silowhore:

    nigga try dat shit at mah house he get his ass bit in halfz

  24. JUSTiN FONG:

    tom 0
    jerry 1

  25. tobyjameswatkins:

    brace yourselves
    Here come the ‘in Soviet Russia’ jokes