cat fell out with his own paws (кот в ссоре с собственными лапами)

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25 комментариев на “cat fell out with his own paws (кот в ссоре с собственными лапами)”

  1. super shark:

    cat kept hurting the legs so legs fought back

  2. Felipe Araújo:

    It hurts itself in its confusion.

  3. Clarence Freeman:

    thats a bad pussy rigth there

  4. xrhstos2121:

    think about how many flees it has…poor animal 🙁

  5. Jack Fitzsimmons:

    0:05 (Cat’s feet) «I slept with your owner last night» Cat to feet «AAAAAAHHH!!! You bitch!!» cat destroys feet.

  6. 0bstinacy:

    lmao so cute

  7. HTMpaius:

    that was a 9 hit combo (if my counting it’s any good)

  8. Hampeuro:

    Nice one.

  9. isaac16785:

    this brings a the expression»my feet are killing me!» XD

  10. Jon Thompson:

    This video sucks, I about died from laughing so hard at that damn cat

  11. Yukito Aoi:

    i have now decided that this youtuber shall be my source of daily animal humor

  12. steven0seagul:

    maybe they fed their cat whit kickkat instead of kitkat

  13. Cody Harris:

    I love this video

  14. HappyHeresy:

    I’m laughing so hard I spit out my ice-cream!

  15. Lorine Leonalli:

    Should have added Chun Li kicking effects. lol

  16. GDBROS1:


  17. Isabella Aragon:

    That was the BEST cat video i’ve seen EVER!!

  18. drtrider748:

    POW! Right in the kisser

  19. Lisabet Sandberg:

    List on what it can be:

    1.That cats biggest enemy is THE PAWS!
    2.The paws don’t wants to be washed by the cat.
    3.The cat tries to sound like Donald Duck (the cat sounds like him when the paws boxing him).

    ((1.) Poor him!)
    ((2.)YAK! if it was so, i would not like to be the paws! :p)
    ((3.) Then he did a great job!)


  20. Kian Walls:

    im laughing like hard, and cant stop

  21. DeepShadedGlassesGuy:

    Hyper Combo Finiiiiish!

  22. Sen Seo:

    okay one more time haaahahaha this is hilarious

  23. Chargal4:

    I’m gonna sing a song! At the end, right in the face! Da dada da da DONG! Do it!

  24. mommydragon769504:

    I think this poor little guy has some neurological problems. 🙁
    It’s sad but funny at the same time.

  25. danthemandb96:

    hahahahahaha omg