Cat and Hoover (part 2) Кот и пылесос (Часть 2)


Cat like Hoover.

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42 комментария на “Cat and Hoover (part 2) Кот и пылесос (Часть 2)”

  1. R Fox:

    That’s cute, mine runs and lays on the stairs when i hoover!

  2. Skynium:

    Борьба в партере! =)

  3. tjan74:


  4. YenriStar:

    well thats one way to help stop shedding.

  5. safutin:

    это кот Чака Норриса))

  6. zhead88:

    Jeez my cats run in terror if I even motion to turn on the vacuum.

  7. alexandergreat3:


  8. Stephanie Ocampo:

    jajajaja que malévolo eres con el gatitu!

  9. Snebur Veg:

    jajajajajjajaja pobre gatituuu … esta medio loco ajjajaja

  10. Николай Гг:

    братуха барцуха красава

  11. Сергей Круковский:

    Он переборол свой страх и стал супер котом!

  12. Юлия Лебедева:

    Кот другой в первой части)))

  13. EatMySploosh:

    What a bitch

  14. xrocky3:


  15. IrenDurs:

    Lol! Like a cleaning cloth. 😀

  16. michelleoreegan:

    Gonna subscribe jst caz of how funny this is!:D

  17. michelleoreegan:

    Haha! Lol! Loved the first one! Don’t no which ones better!;)

  18. Pianistos:

    1:43 that face!

  19. jens1983:

    Animal WWF 🙂

  20. zuigdoos:

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Hyper Ferret!

  21. EricaMeow92:


  22. safutin:

    Русские в топ! Это видео можно бесконечно смотреть и умиляться!)))))

  23. Svetlana Lupesku:

    What a boring animal

  24. Mary Taylor:

    No, it’s not very painful. Every ferret is different, though, and some need more teaching while others will barely put their mouths on you.

  25. Daniel Grass:

    That’s one happy ferret ^^,

  26. Hui Lin:

    Why does this make me want to go to 99cheap. com!?! LOL is that just me, or anyone else 🙂

  27. Juan Xiao:

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  28. SupDocOck:

    and at the end it sniffs its arse back

  29. Knux Kitsune:

    «Fuzzy you’re a fur, just a little cur, rolling in the sun, having fun and scritches everyday. You got fuzz on your face, it’s no disgrace. Nobody better put me back in my place. We are, we are ferrets!» — The Ferret National Anthem by Max DeGroot

  30. 74Alixw:

    One animal with ADHD and one only with ADD…

  31. DanceFiendStrapS:

    when ferrets play nip is it very painful?

  32. LindsayMonroe88:

    personal space issues in 3..2..1… xD

  33. HaniiPuppy:

    That’s an incredibly patient cat xD

  34. MxRClan:

    It’s more like «Are you FUCKING kidding me? what is this creature?»

  35. shahar Daniel:

    0:58 run beatch ruuuuun

  36. shahar Daniel:

    0:59 prepuryour anous

  37. jatoskopie:

    1:02 — Awww yiiis, it wants the D! 😀

  38. mjrenaud46:

    Kids today have no self control.

  39. mjrenaud46:

    Don’t we all! Mine is called Diane.

  40. nobunaga123:

    the cat is like «dont just stand there…do something!»

  41. KristinaShy:

    Вот так же и в жизни!

  42. fabperfect2299:

    00:37 pause it looks like their making out lol