cat is watching scientific film about aliens (кошка смотрит док.фильм)


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25 комментариев на “cat is watching scientific film about aliens (кошка смотрит док.фильм)”

  1. Sara Aznan:

    This is totally animal abuse for making that cat watch a documentary.

  2. Mihail Konstantinov:

  3. Y.S. K.R:


  4. tls984:

    He is thinkin » damn these humans know more things than expected!!»

  5. Tal Mamatov:

    the cat knows that the truth is out there 😀

  6. Abigail Rhysa C Bologa:

    The Oatmeal was right. They are «trying to kill us» lol. Awesome cat!

  7. yuno44907:

    It is too serious about watching

  8. yuno44907:

    It is too serious about watching

  9. fullmaster1316:

    Oh this russian cats…what they can’t do

  10. GdayMateReviews:

    It is planing put a way to communicate with aliens to destroy human kind.. AWHHH YOU CUTIE!

  11. MakinBaconPancakesHD:


  12. Tommy Maher:


  13. Kaitlyn Gulino:

    Lol this is awesome

  14. Sude Özdemir:

    Vefhikcxjgdip.  mnvzsn goj

  15. Nikoloz Bionika:

    WTF 😀 

  16. WiseOneOfGod:

    The person witrh the camera is trying to distract her, but that cat is amazing focussed on whatever is on tv. And she is sitting like a human! lol

  17. flaka flores:

    Lml aww that’s cute

  18. Hélène Balda:

    so cuteeeee ♥o♥

  19. Julia Kamysheva:

    Идеальный котЭ


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  21. rosa negra:

    Q ganas de rascarle la pancita y las orejitas

  22. 19australianlady56:

    The cat certainly finds something engrossing

  23. lillaurielue:

    soooo cute!!!

  24. cattymiss3:

    So cute! What a sweet and focused kitty!

  25. ZackKoutaRoxas:

    Cat has better focus than I do 😛