Кот-Баюн — Ветер


Band: Кот-Баюн Album: Было Время… (2013) Genre: Folk Metal Country : Russia This is for promotional purposes only. All music and images belong to the their…
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8 комментариев на “Кот-Баюн — Ветер”

  1. kotbaynband:

    Baiyun cat — just a mythical character’s Slavonic culture

  2. kotbaynband:

    ну да примерно так))))

  3. Colder Norther:

    Кот Баюн — персонаж русских волшебных сказок, огромный кот-людоед, обладающий волшебным голосом.

  4. TheMTG666:

    what doues Баюн mean?

  5. kotbaynband:

    still one can see on our channel
    now we are working on an own site,
    on YouTube we will also add tracks, but all the time…
    it is just not our channel

  6. Pajzanalgatelep:

    I would be glad if you could upload more of your music to YouTube. I don’t want to download it but I’ve already beaten the crap out of the replay button. If there were more epicness from you here, I could make myself a list and listen this miracle for a longer time.:D And it would also take to the replay button some rest. I’m pretty sure that your other tracks are awesome too.:)

  7. kotbaynband:

    Thank you, we will try to please you. We have more tracks if interestingly I think they will appear in the YouTube. Thank you for your feedback Кот-Баюн

  8. Pajzanalgatelep:

    I just found your music and I must tell you that it’s simply awesome! Thank you from Hungary!!!