Cat Adopts Chick (Кошка приняла цыпленка)


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25 комментариев на “Cat Adopts Chick (Кошка приняла цыпленка)”

  1. 2gogy:

    que hermoso

  2. lindsey Babe:

    I know right?! He totally hissed t it in the beginning lmao!

  3. Римма Краснова:

    Какое спокойствие.Доброта какая…Нам бы перенять.

  4. dinitroacetylen:

    «Yes, I will keep you warm and safe for now. I am sure that when you grow up, you will return the favour and will keep me fed. For one day.»

  5. Siductioness:

    because cats nor chics are zionist but israel is run by zionist.

  6. TA152H01:

    The problem I see here is that chicken might be a Jersey Giant. And chickens are pricks. If that’s a Jersey Giant Roo, that cat is going to have to get used to ass-kickings. And being woken up a lot. And being woken up a lot and then getting an ass-kicking.

  7. Maja S.:


  8. LowRider1500:

    cat» today my meal is gonna be Kfc» xDD

  9. Zaira D:

    2 adorable :’)

  10. Daci Zezovski:

    fuck dogs

  11. hasudronejs:

    Shows how good hearted animals really are. They all have the same understanding of babies and helplessness. Its not in domesticated animals nature to prey on weaker things then them. That’s what domesticated is. The passing along of human behaviors to another animal. In this case. Cats

  12. flaka flores:

    Aww awww I agree wit shadowlover9158 it’s cute

  13. Moreththerogue:

    I have to blame Ignoramusky. I looked up and suddenly 2 hours had gone by. I’m pretty sure my granddad would’ve said that this is a communist plot to take over the world. Dang I falling for it! Oh and thanks for the great videos!

  14. HarlequinFetusEnnui:

    Wait till the cat get’s starving hungry and the chick would be still eaten.

  15. nik221275:


  16. 1sweetsue:

    pretty cat cute bird cute video

  17. Lev Belousov:

    Ми ми ми ня ня ня)

  18. ShadowLover9158:

    her face said «i dont know what it is… but i love it… please dont make me give it back 3:»

  19. Abed Alruheim:

    lol i adopted the cat. i try to teach it to get along its only been a few months hahahaha

  20. Lada Ray:

    So sweet and cute :)))))
    God bless. :)))))

  21. Lada Ray:

    Apparently your cat has assumed the attributes of his owner. My condolences.

  22. Abed Alruheim:

    my cat would eat the crap out of that chick 

  23. colandann1:


  24. jamexxxxxxxx:

    you will grow up all big and then i will eat you :*

  25. cblpop: