5 Июл 2012г.

In Episode 67 of Docm77’s NEW Minecraft World Tour, we take care of my crazy animal herd. It is true: Cats do have 9 lives! A Minecraftkey goes to: — iMayoZz — TvManyMan — AdeoMortus Minecraft Snapshot 12w05b: Be careful and do backups when using the pre-releases! There can be major bugs and unknown issues! mojang.com Minecraft Version History: www.minecraftwiki.net Visit the DocBox on: www.docm77.net TwitchTV www.twitch.tv Important Info: Updated download links for Docm77´s Special Edition «Faithful 32×32» Texture Pack can be found in my channel description. Make sure to use the newest version of mcpatcher if you want to play with HD textures. Important Links: Update 1.2 Mob AI research: www.youtube.com Schrödinger’s Cat: en.wikipedia.org Arnold the Bachelor Boy: www.youtube.com NEW Mob Farming Idea: www.youtube.com Docm77´s Social Media: ———————————————————————————————- Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Google+: plus.google.com ———————————————————————————————— Music: Docm’s Theme by Chaosclub22 — www.youtube.com Caving Mix: Red3yz Beats — www.youtube.com
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Новый эпизод «=3» Видео из этого эпизода: Оператор: bit.ly Нью-Йоркское метро: dai.ly Коты: bit.ly
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Attack of the cats. Evil cats. Please, follow me! twitter.com атака злых котов! злой котэ tegs: Attack of the cats Evil angry cat атака котов кошек злые коты злой кот Kitty
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