Warrior PvP — Bajheera — Kitty Cleave with Sacred and Loreet #1 — Season 10 3v3 Arena


Some games with Sacred and Loreet 🙂 www.youtube.com Be sure to subscribe to the Warrior PvP show to the right —————————

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25 комментариев на “Warrior PvP — Bajheera — Kitty Cleave with Sacred and Loreet #1 — Season 10 3v3 Arena”

  1. kevs2kevs2:

    @BajheeraWoW Yeah Reinhart and you are like my favs lol

  2. kevs2kevs2:

    @BajheeraWoW Yeah reinhart is one of my favs too

  3. marchentze:

    can u show warrior / mage /hpala please 😀

  4. BajheeraWoW:

    @LycheenutOWL Haha oh my goodness!:D I was kind of switch crazy this game XD

  5. LycheenutOWL:

    Lol no way! Im the Shadowpriest at 5:30..should have stuck on me! Was accidentally in full PvE gear.

  6. Trillofskill1337:

    Well played match bro, 5:30 thats me healing check out my channel 🙂 im aapples

  7. Artemis123jg:

    O.O Pumping out more vids?!
    <3 Baj

  8. lshssprings:

    @zZSleepytimeZz Yea I know. At the time of typing that part, I was thinking of all specs. Probably should have mentioned that.

  9. sharpes123:

    Dude I still can’t get over that leap into hunter trap, that was amazing hahaha.

  10. XxSnowWolfxX:

    @XxSnowWolfxX oh nevermind! it just read the addon description more closely. i’m stupid that is part of gladius >_> LOL disregard that comment

  11. XxSnowWolfxX:

    @BajheeraWoW oh woops not that one. but i’m gonna get that one too. >_> uh. its the one that verbally says out loud the enemy players in the arena & when someone’s low. like when the deathknight you were fighting was low it would say LOW HEALTH DEATHKNIGHT etc. i’ve seen swifty use that too, and a few other people i’ve just never known what it was.

  12. ntorlol:

    How to record your games ? Fraps ?

  13. Witelol:

    awesome stuff again, Mr. Awesomness !

  14. Ephigy17:

    Baj repair your gear you crazy xD Great vid as always!

  15. Nick6712:

    Hey Baj, Getting my warrior to 85, 60 ATM but I’m RAF with a mate, This will be my 4th 85, And I’m excited to finally get a warrior, Hurry up with the macro vid 😀 Because I need to start making the macro’s needed for 3v3 and stuff, I’m heaps keen to try and 2200 this warrior once geared, Also you’re getting fucking better and better!

  16. BajheeraWoW:

    @samguitarmad Nah it’s just convenient for me to use these songs since I was cranking out the videos 🙂 Plus they are chill and not overpowering so it’s nice background music 🙂

  17. samguitarmad:

    Baj I really love your videos, but I am curious if you get payed or somthing along those lines to play the same 3 songs in all arena vids?

  18. BajheeraWoW:

    @ImStereotype Aww ty 🙂

  19. BajheeraWoW:

    @kevs2kevs2 Yeah those were some good games!:D

  20. kevs2kevs2:

    You played Reinhart? Nice

  21. BajheeraWoW:

    @haksabg Haha you know it 😀

  22. BajheeraWoW:

    @XxSnowWolfxX The one on the right side?:D That one’s called Gladius and it’s an EXCELLENT arena addon 🙂

  23. XxSnowWolfxX:

    you’ve probably been asked a zillion times but whats the addon that shows the enemy people’s class and such when u enter an arena

  24. haksabg:

    Is this the improved get shit on spec ?

  25. ImStereotype:

    Bajheera ftw!