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Sound is kind of weird in this one, but hopefully you still enjoy it:) Some nice games from our first night playing Kitty Cleave! :DI hope to have a commentary version of this up on tgnworldofwarcraft soon!:)
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A few games as Kitty Cleave with Chaetal and Zinzart! 😀 — Recorded live on www.twitch.tv www.youtube.com — j-tv.me
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Some games with Sacred and Loreet 🙂 www.youtube.com Be sure to subscribe to the Warrior PvP show to the right —————————

Artist’s Comments in part 3. Welcome back to SSS Warrior fan animation account dear friends, Thank you for watching part 1, really appreciate it ! here is the link to part 2: www.youtube.com *** Brief credits for your reference: Original Warrior Cats book series Erin Hunter Warrior Cats book official website www.warriorcats.com Fan animation director Yuji Animator Yuji Zing Coloring/ Shading Chris/ Tail 230 Gingajinketsukoushi Nick Sarah Susi Yuji Zing Voices Rusty Kou Rwr/ gingajinketsukoushi Whitestorm John Rohrer Lionheart Stephen Bluestar Shannon Longtail Nick Smudge Chris Greypaw Jerrymojo2 Cat Crowds Chris Kiwi Mat Todd Zing SSSWarriorcats Forum by Kai/ Splotcat ssswarriorcats.proboards.com Musics Truelight — theme for DNAngel Inuyasha Instrumental Music 4 — Miki Watanab Storm — the Yoshida Brothers Untitled — Royalty Free MonkeyBirds — Iain Ballamy Kamimi Festival — Okami Soundtrack D-Technolife — Uverworld Ending song- Tsuki Senichiya Love Warriors
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My cat likes to fight with the dog. I have no idea what makes him think he stands a chance against someone 10 times his size.
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*** please turn the speaker down a little before greypaw appear oo*** there is a sound problem there. I’ll avoid it in the rest of the episodes. oh yer. Graypaw and Greypaw, sorry about that, didn’t realize it in subtitles. will try be careful in later episodes. weird the artist comment was not shown ^^ll but it’s ok. I’ll type it again. so ya! i have done a lot these months, really a lot! and achieved new things, made new friends. i’m happy : ) ! i’ll write more in the submission of epi 1 part 3 f. i’ll do that in a mins. love warriors ! ^_^ FQA. questions i recieved many times… Q. what program I use to animate? A. mostly Flash, Photoshop, Aftereffect. Q. are you a guy or a girl? A. I am a guy.
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This is not an official Warrior cats animation Its a fan animation by me and few other friends who simply like to animate and voice acting for characters in their spare time : ) Original story, narrative idea, characters belong to novel Warrior cats into the wild by Erin Hunter, official website: www.warriorcats.com Musics: Nightmares On Tetsukazu Nakanishi Reaper Truelight DNAngel Credits of animation section: Animation directed by Yu, Rosi Animation assistant: Zing Audition: Redtail: Stephen Cumberworth Tigerclaw: 2 Gryphon Oakheart: Ray Bluestar: Rosi Spottedleaf:.. sorry I forgot your name, you are Rosis friend but I forgot, please let me know if you read this, Ill add your name on Rusty: GingaJinketsuKoushi Smudge: Tail 230 Audition assistant: Cat sounds: Gangyzgirl, Rosi Rustys owner: Desiree «Desimaemae» Parker Special thanks (Friends who helped me on voice acting but I disappeared or replace the audition. Sorry about this.. Ill be working more efficiently next time.): EchoFlameFox EchoFlameFoxs friend Nazuna12 jerrymojo2 (voice acting graypaw, will be in the 2nd half of this episode) carbe (link: www.wiseoz.com Tag Laurah ************************************** A big Sorry for the long wait, it has been a long time, as a director its my fault not to finish work before the time I planed, I’ll improve my time management and make schedule carefully next time. This is the first 10 mins of the first part of episode one, I’ll be away for a month and I’ll try my best to
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