Warrior PvP — Bajheera — 3v3 Arena as Kitty Cleave! :D


A few games as Kitty Cleave with Chaetal and Zinzart! 😀 — Recorded live on www.twitch.tv www.youtube.com — j-tv.me
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Warrior PvP — Bajheera — 3v3 Arena as Kitty Cleave! :D”

  1. Saeedundead:

    What is the addon for enemy frame ?

  2. lluke18:

    shit druid

  3. shkotay:

    Bajh 😛 You also gotta stop showing your vent info. You are asking to be hacked man 🙁 Nothing worse then a hacker taking over your vent and all you get after is I GOT BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS OF STEEL BALLS OF STEEL on your vent lmao!

  4. schwenify:

    Klinda? :)

  5. BajheeraWoW:

    Nope, I only have level 85 characters on Darkspear and Kel’Thuzad atm 🙂 But perhaps I’ll have a Warrior over there in the future to play with another Warrior friend of mine ^_^

  6. schwenify:

    Bajheera do you have a warrior on jubie thos named? because there is a warrior named Bajheera there 🙂

  7. kalinrugby:

    Bajheera nice taste of music can you pls share it

  8. shkotay:

    You know, I LOVE Swifty cause he shows you how to play a warrior, breaks it down, and then shows you how to beat opposing classes, even in losses against the best. That always rocked and he made me a better warrior when I played. But YOU however give us tons of asskickery on a regular basis + tricks. You are also (unlike MANY pvp video ppl) unafraid to show when you screw up. Winning and losing were always a risk in pvp, its just most dont have the balls to show it. Brofist dood!


  9. BajheeraWoW:

    So happy to hear that you enjoy the videos!:D I appreciate the kind words 🙂

  10. fjellreeev:

    your druid talks funny

  11. relojay:

    last game was fucking sick haha

  12. TheonlySneakarma:

    What song is that playing at 3:50 ? ive heard it before

  13. KickAzzer:

    Bajheera you are my all time favorite gamer to watch! Such good content! You are awesome.

  14. SkiaMac:

    Loved the vid… but I couldn’t help but lol at the poor druids voice.

  15. Dinocrap1101:

    What server are you on? I main between Stormreaver and Malganis.

  16. BajheeraWoW:

    No I’m actually just uploading a shitton of new content 🙂

  17. sabuomarrr1:

    Baj, please reply:D U pwn love ur vids and love that i can say i was one of your first subscribers

  18. RealSICKLegends:

    Are you video bumping?…

  19. BajheeraWoW:

    Np, but the longer ones from now on should have annotations so you can skip between games 🙂 Check out the Smokebomb Cleave on i posted recently 🙂

  20. BajheeraWoW:

    I’m probably going to end up posting longer sections, but what I’m going to do is annotate them so you can skip right from game to game 🙂

  21. shadowsfall711:

    Definitely keep vids like this up. Like highlights of the livestream, as long as they aren’t longer than around 20 mins i’ll definitely tune in.

  22. cod5ki11er:

    He seems about 14, he was pretty cool for his age though.

  23. WhippyEU:

    The stream quality isn’t as bad as others. Nomanz for example… His stream skips every other 5 seconds.
    Keep up the Warrior PvP. You make me want to carry my Warrior on… After the terrible nerfs to Warriors and insane buffs to mages, I want to cry.

  24. shadowsfall711:

    i like these short livestream vids. I just don’t watch the 1 hour 30 min vids because they’re just too long

  25. AxHxNJ:

    I didnt like that druid u play with