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Mitch Fritz vs Riley Cote Dec 9, 2008


Mitch Fritz vs Riley Cote from the New York Islanders at Philadelphia Flyers game on Dec 9, 2008. via www.hockeyfights.com

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50 комм. на “Mitch Fritz vs Riley Cote Dec 9, 2008”

  1. MrBarelylethal:

    @mcoop221 That’s like saying all americans are black. Now saying all americans are assholes doesn’t count because it’s true.

  2. MrBarelylethal:

    @mcoop221 You’re a fucking faggot. Most Canadians are not french you fucking asshole

  3. Hordified:

    @lilphatboi88 there both Canadians

  4. flowerdrop1:

    Clean up in aisle 3

  5. MarcSavardisapussy:

    cote gets pwned though….

  6. glaxko2:

    @lilphatboi88 obviously youu havent been in canada during a cananda day party

  7. Taubi81:

    @rezmoneynwkubs brash knocked cote out and also orr, not bad. but cote goes down. but cote is a beast!

  8. haolekillah:

    hahaha what the fuck?? ive never seen hockey and i never knew they let them fight!! ahahaha that has nothing to do with the sport!! they let it go because the people want to see a fight. weird world.

  9. seehound619:

    @AssyrianKing83 ..yeah…….champ……cept when hes losing to mitch fritz.

  10. Kurzgan:

    Even after Fritz spun him around like a girl and outpunched him? ok ;)

  11. bearhugginhckynut18:

    watching this fight hurts me!

  12. dicksly:

    you got that right

  13. Kozoroh2:

    Fritz beat Larague

  14. pgan427:

    this is on my bday =D

  15. Taubi81:

    no, brash is the champ

  16. kevinbeatzeus:

    Riley cote looks like a kook!

  17. AssyrianKing83:

    Laraque, still the champ!

  18. Kainnmaul:

    Cote is the gamest guy in the league.

  19. nyjets315:

    cote that faggot just hugged him wat a bitch

  20. buttkick22:

    i dunno he’s def better than a big middleweight and bigger than alot of heavyweights(like his teamate thornton) i think he fairs well against heavyweights but with thornton being the designated goon an lucic being a goos hockey player there’s no real need to take on true NHL heavyweights……but he has fought some……brookbank, erskine, Ivanans, boll, winchester…….it’s not like he’s fighting 190 pounders all the time…..o and i nkow komisarker isnt necessarily a fighter but he is huge


    fritz gets cut open to easy look at a couple of his other fights

  22. GaianPoopies:

    The Islanders have to put it on the Fritz…..

  23. HeavyD2544:

    Brash is still beating up people in the league to this day and destroyed Cote this year. Brashear needs to recreate a new epic in Philly for himself again cause the Cote one isn’t that great. Dave Schultz, Paul Holmgren, Dave Brown, Rick Tocchet, and Donald Brashear. Cote doesn’t make the cut with those monsters.

  24. kxRider19:

    great fight philly kicked ass again and we just beat the 5 -1 today and asham kicked ass agin in the fight today aswell, fuck off new york

  25. supercoop0125:

    lucic is no heavyweight, tough? o fuck ya, but not a heavyweight… look at the people he fights, komisarek,crombeen,jackman, i mean c’mon, until he fights boogaard,brashear or laraque even orr…he is not a heavyweight in my books

  26. xcvbcxvb:


  27. JacobWuzHer3:

    Ха! Я не говорю по русский!

  28. carlgustov1984:

    @DreamsNemesis так то что сейчас является рууским языком давно уже сленг и жаргон. Раньше мы говорили на старо -славянском языке на Руси. Ты знаешь хоть одно слово того языка ценитель бля русского языка.?

  29. katultiuy:


  30. thebenchwarmer:

    oh wow.. look at the length the cat will go to get near to you >< It doesn’t care at all of the height XD

  31. GeffestProRok:

    @uzumaxy вешать таких надо ога

  32. deicidalRuffian:

    Love how the cat treats such a complex and dangerous jump as if it were nothing.

  33. uzumaxy:

    @Alicia3294 Ладно уж «котЭ», а «паркурист» то вообще ппц!

  34. v1tada:

    Кот Чака Норриса

  35. mcnekit:

    @DreamsNemesis пошел на хуй, совок.

  36. xmas578:

    блять, нытики, вы заебали, придурки
    на ютубе over 9000 ролегофф со словом «кот».
    идите нахуй —->

  37. NonDormiant:

    @DreamsNemesis ну а причем тут кавказ, умник?

  38. RangerDK21:

    @DreamsNemesis Не кот, А КОТЭ! ТЫ не понимаешь весь шармэ этого языка! :D

  39. TheCHris8726:

    You could add some music from «banlieue 13″. That from when they chasing him of the rooftops from begining of the movie. It would be cool

  40. pallap82:

    Сейчас любители паркура прилетят и начнут говорить, что кот не паркурщик, а трейсер

  41. Xilemi1:

    @DreamsNemesis Ну и что?? «Раньше трава была зеленее», да? Главное как ты разговариваешь сам!! Если кругом идиоты, нытьё не поможет. Надо просто пользоваться этим положением и своим умом

  42. Alicia3294:

    Американцы посмотрев видео обсуждают супер-кота, а русские написание слова «котЭ»

  43. RorokrDD:


  44. 125klos:


  45. Thespian80:

    Its Cat Faith Connors lol

  46. tranclyatina:

    вы заебали со своим Котэ уебаны

  47. 1andoneis3:

    the red catnip or the blue catnip?

  48. Ninjaproable:


  49. dicimc:

    CATRK-our jajajajajajaja XD

  50. qstraBOT: