Flippy’s Portrait


Flippy has his portrait done in Dominoes after roaming around outside in the sun. He was refusing to participate…grr Better quality version: one.revver.com Breaks in fall: None Dominoes used: 4600 Picture is resized, then zoomed in, touched up, and printed. No special software used in this one. Music From: incompetech.com Song — Scheming Weasel For more domino videos by many others please check this YouTube group: www.youtube.com

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24 комментария на “Flippy’s Portrait”

  1. MrBouncyify:

    i <3 ur cat

  2. MultiMan557:

    Old cats are always the funniest 😀

  3. Cowlesy324:

    I Honestly Think Flippy Was The Best Domino Mascot Cat Ever. Im SO Upset At How He Died. He Was So Cute Too :'(

  4. 00Froggel00:


  5. pboarding:

    whats the name of the programm???

  6. Maria67423:

    I wish my cat was still alive..he would have been 13 along with his best brother Tiger…best brothers till the end…

  7. pierre012012:

    what happened to flippy ? what is that cat’s name ?

  8. theslaughteringdevil:

    2:09 FLIPPY! you’re ruining your portrait! D:< R.I.P. Flippy, 1994 - 2010 D': i hope he enjoys the tunacan in the sky.

  9. fiaaluvsyuhhbaby:

    R.I.P. Flippy We Loved You!

  10. colejo13:

    The grass Flippy ate was radioactive thats what killed Flippy. RIP Flippy

  11. Lilylovecuteable:

    RIP Flippy i luv cats poor flippy.. i luv ur channel

  12. soadneet2:

    club penguin ftw

  13. LetsPlay244:

    Thumbs Up if u miss Flippy

  14. MsCupcake9292:

    sorry for the dead cat

  15. tony214able1:

    2:06 MEOW!!!

  16. PUPPYLUVER1125:

    R.I.P. Flippy… Everyone Misses you!!!

  17. Allycat0303:

    0:29 om nom nom nom….

    RIP Flippy. The world misses you. :'(

  18. hiworld91011:

    2:09 Flippy: no no no, see my bodys more thin like this (fixes) stands back and looks. thats better

  19. sprinklez1812:

    2:10 — 2:13 Flippy: omigod, what…? SLIPPEREH!

  20. Pyraquas:

    cool cat

  21. daan2912:

    2:06 yes that’s you cat


    i miss flippy!

  23. ShyGoldCloud:

    i love how that cat just walks over the dominoes all the time

  24. MattyOyola217:

    I would cuddle that cat for ages!!!